Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun In UTAH!

So sorry we haven't posted in so long- we have a lot to catch up on. We went to Utah on Christmas Day. We arrived at the airport on the icy day and checked in our luggage. Then we started making our way to the gate and got there to find that we had a delay, and we got in Utah about 3 hours later than we planned. We made it through very roughly, with all of the kids throwing up at least twice on the plane except Isaac, Clara, and mom and dad. We were so grateful when we made it to the airport to find our grandparents, some of our cousins, and some of our aunts and uncles waiting for us at midnight. We feel so loved! Thank you so much to all those who greeted us there! Anyway, we made it to grandma and grandpas house through a HUGE snowstorm! We woke up and got to play with all our cousins then went down to Brigham city to see the Cooper side of our family! We had so much fun the whole time we were in Utah- we went skiing, went to the zoo, and had a night with each family! We also got to go to our old ward in Bountiful! It was SO great seeing everyone! We spent New Years Eve with the Cooper Side and had a blast making New Years Resolutions, cheering at midnight, banging pots and pans, stuffing ourselves with candy, and just being all together! It was SO FUN!!!!! Here are some pictures of our GREAT trip! And there are also some from our Christmas Day!