Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reward Recognition (cont.) ')

Just a couple more special rewards we wanted to acknowledge.

Congratulations to Mikela who was given the Senate of Pennsylvania citizenship award. Chosen as one of two 5th graders with her good friend, Devan. We're so proud of you Mikela!

And Katey who was given the May student of the month award at Cochran Elementary for great achievement and citizenship!

We're thrilled! And deeply grateful for all the great supporters (i.e. grandparents, family, friends and teachers that have created the 'village' our children need to succeed!) Endless Gratitude to you all!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


CAUTION: Offensive content. Some parts of this post contain material that is extremely proud, even boasting. Please do not read further if offended by such entries.

The rewards of this spring seem almost too many to name! All that winter work was worth it and burst forth, like Mom's new and improved flower garden with beautiful BLOOMS! A quick list of REWARDING TIMES FOR US THIS SPRING!!!

- Mormon Helping Hands Project in Sunbury, PA - WHAT AN AWESOME, WINNING EXPERIENCE!

- Stake Conference! It is such a wonderful thing to be part of here!

- Isaac, Emily and Anna each earning the track team's Leadership award, along with Anna earning the "Most valuable player" for bringing in the most points for her team. She realized she always placed, only once in third, all other times in 1st or 2nd - made a lot of hard work worth it!

-Isaac was awarded, "Outstanding Offensive Lineman", and "Rising Star" "Andy" (ie.Tony) award for the Curtin Musical for progressing from a quiet, one-line actor in 7th to "a major leading role amazing audiences with his fabulous voice". Isaac also received the "excellence in painting award" from the WHSD Red Cross Club.

-Emily and Anna were awarded 1st place in the 7th grade science project and Isaac's project placed 3rd in 8th grade. Anna was shocked to get the "technology" award for her class (she and Em had been terrified about this subject, but both excelled!) And Emily and Anna were honored with the "Lamp of Learning" award - meaning they were 4th and 7th of the top ten 7th graders in their studies. We feel so lucky to have such great learners! (And their friends!) Emily won the art award (along with $15 bucks!)

- Orhcestra and Band competition at Hershey!!! I, as Mother, was SOOOOOOOOO PROUD and THRILLED to witness the Williamsport District Youth Symphony take first in their division and first overall!!!!! In fact their symphony earned 192 out of 200 points!!! Unheard of and such a JOY to HEAR!!! I am just so THRILLED with Mr. Radspinner and all the amazing student musicians and supportive parents around here. CONGRATULATIONS WYSE!!!! The band was a thrill to hear as well - what a GREAT experience! The band took first in their division and I LOVED listening to them. Emily and Anna play violin and Isaac plays sax and baritone.

- Mikela's awards were no less impressive! She did a BEAUTIFUL job with her proud 5th grade chorus and orchestra concert. Mom LOVED accompanying and the beautiful flowers her teacher rewarded Mom with too. But the proudest award of all was the achievement of her girl scout troop as each of the girls received the BRONZE AWARD!!!! It took two years of musical cultivation and service in the community, and 2 AMAZING girl scout leaders to earn this great achievement. Mikela did an extraordinary job (if I do say so myself ;) ) at her harp that evening. We feel so lucky that she could be part of such a great thing! (It's let her play her harp for many people as well.)

-Kate and Esther!!! I'll post the cute pic later but we just wanted to commend Katey and Esther on their very 1st gymnastics show. It was so FUN for us to watch them!! Good job Kate and Esther! Kate also came home today with news that she had won 1st in her class spelling bee then went on to win second in her grade!!! What an accomplishment!

Who would have thought that these hard-working, achieving kids would have come out of all that 4 under 4 chaos we experienced early in life ;) !!!! How we love these children - all 8! (We never did come out of chaos just so you know.)

P.S. In the midst of all these awards, Mikela shocked us all by arriving home on her BRAND NEW WIN - a BEAUTIFUL BIKE, HELMET and LOCK. She was thrilled!! So funny that she won it just after I had talked to her that morning about why she got so many great things out of life - cause she's such a GREAT GIRL (peacemaker, helpful, happy, kind!) Good for you, Mikela! May many more blessings come your way!

Belle's Brought to School!!!

That's right! Belle enjoyed her first school day last month! Thanks to two amazing teachers: Mrs. Rider-Dincher inspired creative thinking to allow such an event and Ms. Beatty who made it happen by setting up a round pen and trailering Belle down to the school for Emily's report. Ms. Beatty was the "Pro" onhand as Belle got really upset as the first group of kids headed back into school (she seriously looked like "hey, the show's not over - it hasn't even started yet and you're leaving!") Emily and Ms. Beatty and Belle handled the whole new adventure beautifully. Emily had been worried Belle wouldn't "go" in front of all the kids. When the time came we were a little concerned to put Em on for Belle was "going strong". Emily climbed on an rode Belle beautifully to finish the report. We believe Belle learned a lot from her first day at Curtin.

The CUTEST Brand new THREE year old!!! Zoie Grace!

Brithday Chicks! (I mean Esther, Emily and Anna!)

Five and Thirteen all in one weekend! We fit it all in somehow and headed swimming to finish the party off on Monday following! FUN!!

Birthday Bunnies!

Emily and Anna's 13th b-day wish list included : clothes, make-up, and a goat. A goat? Mom wasn't ready for anything else that chewed stuff up (one dog is enough) so when their friend Stephanie called a asked if she could give them bunnies, Mom's consented after considering that they are contained, quiet and fairly small animals. The great part is Mom knew they'd appease the girls wish for something "LIVE"( go along with all the other 15 living pets around here - oh, yes, we didn't tell you Daddy bought the children 6 new chicks to go along with the "farm". Mom's just really glad the "farm" finally moved out of the kitchen and up to the barn as the animals grew strong enough to tackle cool weather this week. They're all adorable and thriving.