Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Belle's Brought to School!!!

That's right! Belle enjoyed her first school day last month! Thanks to two amazing teachers: Mrs. Rider-Dincher inspired creative thinking to allow such an event and Ms. Beatty who made it happen by setting up a round pen and trailering Belle down to the school for Emily's report. Ms. Beatty was the "Pro" onhand as Belle got really upset as the first group of kids headed back into school (she seriously looked like "hey, the show's not over - it hasn't even started yet and you're leaving!") Emily and Ms. Beatty and Belle handled the whole new adventure beautifully. Emily had been worried Belle wouldn't "go" in front of all the kids. When the time came we were a little concerned to put Em on for Belle was "going strong". Emily climbed on an rode Belle beautifully to finish the report. We believe Belle learned a lot from her first day at Curtin.

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Kari said...

Wow!!! Good job Emily!!!! YOu are wonderful with horses!! I love you!!!