Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zoie turns 4!!!

And I ALREADY LOVE that age on her best!! She's the epidemy of 4!! Smart, talks hilariously CUTE! SUPER HELPFUL!!! A ray of sunshine, LOVEABLE, ADORABLE, and drives you crazy if she's out of sorts. Zoie is WONDERFUL!!! I love her! And I know she loves me too - but only far after Daddy, whom she still all out loves, needs, ADORES! I cannot blame her ;). We were so lucky to celebrate with her cousin Maylee and Grandpa and Grandma C. before they headed for home!!! Zoie also loved her little gift from Mrs. Cwockett, with whom she has a darling friendship. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOIE!!!

Memorial Day Weekend!!!

What a Wonderful Blessing for us to have Mom and Dad Cooper, Maxwells, Laws, and the jr. Cooper family all with us on Memorial Day weekend! Who would have thought a few years ago we'd have most the family in PA for a casual, fun weekend together? Wonder of wonders! I'd like to thank all of those people I love for making it such a memorable weekend! We had a beautiful time visiting the barn and new home. Mike's & guys worked on the skid steer! Like the big version of garden we showed in early spring? It's growing!!! We loved playing in the yard, laughing on the porch, eating Mom's amazing food, watching the children play piano and sing, planning for the landscaping and most of all, just being together! Thanks everybody! Love You!

Hurray for Spenc & Steph!!!

How we RELISHED having my dear brother and his wonderful wife, Stephanie, along with their precious Maylee & Hope here with us for 6 weeks!!! We feel immensely blessed to have had such an opportunity. Spencer built us a lasting and beautiful monument to remember him by at the new house; an amazingly beautiful rock wall guiding one through the forest and onto a french garden as a welcome to our new home. The green grass we managed to get in with Spencer looks fantastic (more to come!) and the ebb & flow of the garden beds he created speaks peace to the whole area. We LOVE it Spenc!!! Can't wait to place the fountain in the middle and finish it up for you and Steph to visit us again soon and see it completed! Here are some fun pics of our visit with Stephanie and the little girls to Reptile Land. Love you guys!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Goodbye to our Beloved Killpacks!

Oh we will miss you!!! One year ago (almost!) we were lucky enough to have the best of friends move in a few blocks away, Kimberly and Aaron Killpack, family practice residents. Their little boys, Joseph and Sammy robbed our hearts, and we've LOVED having them near this year. Kimberly's a wonderful confidant; I will miss seeing you walking to Cochran and talking together! Joseph is the funnest of playmates for the 3 little girls. Emily and Anna had a great experience babysitting Sammy and Joseph on parent's datenights. Aaron was an immediate friend to Mike. We'll count ourselves blessed to have been with the Killpack's and wish them the greatest of adventures as they move on to greener pastures! Love you guys!