Sunday, September 20, 2009


Just before school started we had one last week of marvelous summer - the finale really! We enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg and I'd refer it as a marvelous vacation to anyone looking for an incredible place to be as a family. We spent a day at historical Williamsburg with the girls dressed for the occasion (the dress-up rental was first priority for our seven little girls, Daddy was a softy and fit the bill.) Water country, a visit with the Obama's (and other presidents) at President's Park, hitting the outlets and our funnest day spent at Busch Gardens (I didn't think any ride could top "The Great Bear" at Hershey but "Apollo's Chariot" definitely did it for me! That was AWESOME!) We LOVED the gorgeous colonial Westgate resort and we especially rejoiced in being together after a summer full of EFY, youth conference, scout camp, YW's camp, football, even Grandma CAMP! (That last camp deserves a whole blog of it's own!!! Topped any camp EVER!!!) So grateful for our last spree of summer, it helped ease the pain of it ending. LOVE, THE MOM

Friday, September 11, 2009

Random Pics

HAPPY DAY!! Today the chickens laid their first eggs! We found 4 prefect eggs ina pile today and are hoping the last one will start soon and we will have 5 a day! YAHOO! P.S. Heres a cute picture of Zoie that shows how much of a Drama Queen she is. She is always cracking us up with her funny "sayings" and faces. Shes such a cutie! :) I did this makeoever on her one day because she loves being a princess and is always asking for cute clothes on and cute hair. She said I should take a picture of her so I brought her outside and this is what she did. :)


Heres a funny picture of us after having a BLAST in a huge rainstorm! We went crazy and all jumped in the bath with our clothes on afterwards! Boy, was it squishy! :)

In Loving Memory of Ma

This is in loving memory of Ma (our beloved goat) who got hit by a car. We will always remember her and her sweet personality. She has had 4 kids during her life, including 3 in the past 18 months. This is how she earned her name Ma. The previous owners had named her Maudene, but we didnt really like it so we gave her the name of Ma. She actually seemed really sick when we got her and we wondered why so we called the owners and they said she had a stillborn baby 2 weeks earlier! :( No wonder she was in such bad shape! We are all very happy for her that she got to go live with her baby again. Here are so things we remember about her: she LOVED raisens, she enjoyed sitting in the corner pondering about things, and she was really gentle with everyone. We miss you MA!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to School!

We thought we were not ready but as the time came and the weather was kind enough to turn crisp and friends were loving enough to call in excitement we remembered "WE LOVE SCHOOL!" And off the children went this week, happy and anticipating the adventures of a new year. Isaac entered high school at Loyalsock, Emily, Anna and Mikela are a trio at Curtin Middle school, and Kate and Esther changed last minute to their new elementary in Loyalsock, Schick. They are all happy, thrilled with their new teachers, schedules and opportunities and Mom's having fun with Zoie and Clara, resigned and proud that Esther's so happy now in kindergarten. A new year!

international relations right here at home...

We finally got involved in what Williamsport is known for: International Little League, though we STILL haven't seen a game (I'm embarrassed to admit). This year we offered our house as available rental for the week of Little League while we would be away in Virginia. Wednesday a film crew that had come to see the house the day before called and said they did want to use the home for their actors/actresses from Japan (they told us they were as big in Japan as our biggest American stars). They wanted the house Thursday night. Having every room and every corner, every bed, every pillow and blanket, tp, towels, water at each bedside to boot took a great burst of energy for me and Mike and my poor brother Spencer who had come to plan next year's landscaping with us! (Spencer ended up running/picking up children, distributing pets to their caretakers for the week, lifting, packing, cleaning, finishing our fence project and smooth talking the film crew who stopped by to investigate while I was gone to an appt. instead. To let you know how crazy all the comotion was he never even saw the inside of our new home! The finale to Spencer's visit with us was sleeping in small room- 1st at Kristi's then at the last hotel room available in Baltimore- 2 nights in a row. Spencer's sense of humor kept us all laughing instead of crying - THANKS SPENC!!! A special thanks to Kristi and Calton for letting us stay at their place a couple of nights upon return from vacation too! Love you guys SOOO MUCH!

Thumb's down for Isaac!


Poor Isaac. Just as we were leaving town for family vacation Isaac took down the senior quarter back successfully but with a consequence. When he looked down at his thumb dangling there he thought, "that can't be right". He calmly held his hand up, "Hey coach, I think I messed up my thumb." His diagnoses proved to be right as the hand surgeon that operated Monday said it was the worst thumb injury he'd ever worked on. Plenty of damage and dr. visits and sitting out for the football season. We all feel bad for Isaac. He loves to run, lift, play, jump, and be major involved. For 8 weeks he's got to slow down. Mom feels like she's lost her right arm as Isaac's cast and pinned thumb prevent his regular lifting, pushing, pulling, fixing, as much as usual. We've all appreciated seeing Isaac's strength in other ways as he has not complained one bit and continued on with life day of the surgery quite normally and headed to the first day of school the next morning. We're proud of the way you've handled it Isaac. Love, Mom

We made a family dream poster when we came to PA. I believe goats makes all the dreams the kids posted completed (as my Dad always said: be careful what you wish for.) Dreams do come true (quite quickly sometimes and then look at the mess you get yourself into! Goats, chickens, horses, four wheeler, the barn to go with them, the dog to go with that, new house, the debt to go with that, serving the Lord was even on the list - stake president was not on our mind but I see now clearly fits in the category.) So go on.. make up your dream posters and watch out what you put on them: up side All YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE!

Seriously we are having a lot of fun with life right now, even filled to overflowing. As much as Mom "balked" at the chicken and goat idea they are really cute and kid friendly and there's nothing like seeing the look of triumph on Clara's face when she catches herself a chicken (we're worried about the look of power on her face when she scares the goats - she could really get out of control thinking she's boss, you know!)

The goats came from a patient of Mike's who had been given them as a birthday present and could not care for them. Sadly they also came with drama as they escaped first thing (isn't that all goats are known for?) and upon returning the next day, SO CLOSE to the barn Ma (goat) got hit by a car and was killed instantaneously. Many tears were shed that day by the girls and the question "Do we give the baby goat away to be with other goats or build a more durable permanent enclosure and buy a companion?" I admit I definitely leaned toward the first option but was of course out voted which led to one of the funnest, hardest working days (weeks) our family has had as we built a new fence and chicken-wired it "for Ma" as the kids said. Everyone worked so hard, right down to Zoie and Esther who just kept saying, "We're workin' for MA!" I wish they'd work that hard for me!