Monday, September 7, 2009

We made a family dream poster when we came to PA. I believe goats makes all the dreams the kids posted completed (as my Dad always said: be careful what you wish for.) Dreams do come true (quite quickly sometimes and then look at the mess you get yourself into! Goats, chickens, horses, four wheeler, the barn to go with them, the dog to go with that, new house, the debt to go with that, serving the Lord was even on the list - stake president was not on our mind but I see now clearly fits in the category.) So go on.. make up your dream posters and watch out what you put on them: up side All YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE!

Seriously we are having a lot of fun with life right now, even filled to overflowing. As much as Mom "balked" at the chicken and goat idea they are really cute and kid friendly and there's nothing like seeing the look of triumph on Clara's face when she catches herself a chicken (we're worried about the look of power on her face when she scares the goats - she could really get out of control thinking she's boss, you know!)

The goats came from a patient of Mike's who had been given them as a birthday present and could not care for them. Sadly they also came with drama as they escaped first thing (isn't that all goats are known for?) and upon returning the next day, SO CLOSE to the barn Ma (goat) got hit by a car and was killed instantaneously. Many tears were shed that day by the girls and the question "Do we give the baby goat away to be with other goats or build a more durable permanent enclosure and buy a companion?" I admit I definitely leaned toward the first option but was of course out voted which led to one of the funnest, hardest working days (weeks) our family has had as we built a new fence and chicken-wired it "for Ma" as the kids said. Everyone worked so hard, right down to Zoie and Esther who just kept saying, "We're workin' for MA!" I wish they'd work that hard for me!

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