Friday, September 11, 2009

In Loving Memory of Ma

This is in loving memory of Ma (our beloved goat) who got hit by a car. We will always remember her and her sweet personality. She has had 4 kids during her life, including 3 in the past 18 months. This is how she earned her name Ma. The previous owners had named her Maudene, but we didnt really like it so we gave her the name of Ma. She actually seemed really sick when we got her and we wondered why so we called the owners and they said she had a stillborn baby 2 weeks earlier! :( No wonder she was in such bad shape! We are all very happy for her that she got to go live with her baby again. Here are so things we remember about her: she LOVED raisens, she enjoyed sitting in the corner pondering about things, and she was really gentle with everyone. We miss you MA!

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