Saturday, August 8, 2009

Golden Summer

Though it has rained most the summer so far, we've found it full of sunshine in our hearts!

Lately we are grateful that we were able to visit the Joseph Smith Memorial with the Leavitt family. Mike was born on Joseph Smith's birthday. We realized as we stood at his birthplace that he was precisely the age Mike was that day when he died. It is unfathomable, incomprehensible, an absolute amazing wonder that Joseph Smith was able to accomplish all that he did in such a relatively short time at such a very young age. We stood in awe and humility as we rededicated ourselves to being disciples (better disciples) of Christ. The next weekend we found ourselves in Kirtland Ohio, another incredibly moving church history sight. We came away with more appreciation than ever for the sacrifices of early Saints that have lifted and blessed our lives forever. Mike and Isaac visited Palmyra the next weekend for youth conference. The spirit of that place is like no other, testifying of the sacred event that occured there. What a marvelous work and a wonder.

We are indeed grateful for the Son, that shines bright as ever in our hearts.

visit to NH!

We felt so very blessed to visit "home" in NH! It was extra wonderful due to the generosity of friends who welcomed us to use their comfortable and beautiful cabin in Lyme. Our visit was all the more joyful because of visiting Sohrweide's & Katharina and the dear Village home, playing in the ponds again (how we miss that!), stomping over Crossroads trails and peeking in school windows , visiting our beloved ward family, and enjoying catching up with good friends and role models from our residency program there. It was truly such gift to be there again. We have SO MANY GOOD MEMORIES AND GOOD FRIENDS WE LOVE THERE! From the hardest part of life so far have come some of the richest and most rewarding memories and friendships ever! Thanks NH!

Sunday Snapshots

The Harpers visit!

(Erica, this is the only pic I've downloaded so far! I hope you have lots more!;)

It was such a WONDERFUL JOY to have Erica, James, Elizabeth, and Abbey come visit us for some fun-filled days! We were overjoyed and so grateful that they would add us to their agenda on their trip East!!

Thanks Harpers!

visiting the house...

It's always a little escape to paradise to go visit the up and coming home. We love it up there, near the horses and though just 6 min. up the road from "town" where we now live, it seems a quiet and private refuge, complete with birds singing, and trees swaying in the gentle breeze ;)! "Just another day in Paradise"!

The windows are actually in now, they are working on brick this next week and finishing up electrical, heat, plumbing, preparing for insulation. We've really enjoyed the process so far. It hasn't been too cumbersome either in time or money yet! (Hopin' it never gets that way.)

house is comin' along well...

summer fun!

Good-bye to Pres. and Sis. Pugh

It was so hard for us to say goodbye to the Pugh's as the Harrisburg mission (after 40 + yrs.) became part of the Pittsburg mission.

We are SO DEEPLY GRATEFUL for the Pugh's service here and for the service of our missionaries in this area. We LOVE THEM!

We were also very glad to meet our new mission president and his wife, the Summerhays. They visited us in our home and we loved having them here with us and look forward to working with them in behalf of the people here.

We have seen so many witnesses that this Work is led through inspiration of the Holy Spirit and revelation from on high. We have felt that witness again as we experience these changes. Grateful for the past, relishing the present and looking forward with hope to the future.

Look to God and Live!!!