Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Today we celebrated Christmas because we are going to Utah on Christmas Day. A couple of days ago we went to see Santa and every kid made sure they told Santa to come on Christmas eve. So last night we got all ready after celebrating Daddy' s birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! We started off by opening our Christmas pj's from grandma cooper ( THANKS GRANDMA!!! )and raced to get them on. Then we read our Christmas story and scripture and went to bed. Luckily we were all very tired from staying up over the past couple nights that everyone went straight to bed. Mommy and daddy told us that we weren't allowed to wake anyone else up until 8:00 A.M. which must have been a magic trick because not one of us woke up until Anna and I woke up at 8:00!! So we got started right away tearing open our gifts. The main highlights were: Isaac got a nano chromatic ipod, Anna and i got two adorable life like dolls and a really cool camera, mikela got a beautiful doll as well and TONS of books and heelies, Kate got her very own D.S. and heelies, Esther got a leapfrog D.S. thing and PLENTY of other toys, zoie got twin life like dolls and a fun play dough set, Clara got lots of bright colored toys, and Missy got a brand new winter coat! After all the presents were opened, we went to the nursing home were we did a Christmas program. It turned out to be really fun! We headed home and started the dinner while dad took the older kids to take presents to a family that would need them. A week or so ago we all went to the store and picked out gifts for each kid in the family we chose to give presents to. We wrapped them another night and today we had the privilege to quietly lay them all out on their doorstep, ring the doorbell, and RUN! We wore Santa hats and crept quietly out, laying the presents nicely on the doorstep. Then we got away and Isaac rang the doorbell. We waited by a nearby car to see the reaction. The dad opened the door and excitedly called for his family, but we hurried and got in the car and drove away, with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts. It was SO MUCH FUN! We were thinking the other day about how elves are always happy, its because they are always making gifts and toys for other people! And they are always getting to serve others. We look forward to another great day tomorrow of seeing lots of family! HURRAY! We love you all!Sorry, we got TONS of pictures but i cant get them on right now so i will post them later. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just a Quick Brag..I mean BLOG!!

As a Mom I could NOT hold back from bragging, I mean boasting, no.. I mean BLOGGING about Isaac tonight! He performed his first ever solo as part of Curtin Middle School choir tonight. It was exceptional!!! He stood firm and fine, and didn't flinch - even I could not see any nerves before his solo. It was from one of his favorite songs "Grown Up Christmas Wish" - we love the Michael Buble version. What a fun experience for him and we were proud of his contribution to the choir performance this evening. Way to go Isaac! Emily and Anna were our beautiful 7th grade jewels on stage tonight - we LOVED seeing them sing as well! The Williamsport School District music concerts (band, orchestra, and choir) are amazing - we feel grateful for it!


I can't believe how fast everyone is growing! Look at how little Missy used to be! And look at Esther's hair!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Concerts and Parties...

We can really tell that Christmas is coming because of all the concerts and parties! To start it all off, last Friday night we had our ward christmas party, which was a fun, great night. We had many wonderful talents and people at the party. The next day, Isaac, me and Anna had our piano recital, I think we all did GREAT! We are so thankful for such a great teacher-I think we have all really improved since last year. The same night we went to The Community Arts Center to watch the Annual Nutcracker performance. It was fun to watch because Mikela's friend got the main role as Clara! On Monday night (I think) Anna and I had our orchestra concert. We both LOVE playing the violin-the only reason we hesitate going to Loyalsock School next year is because we will really, really miss being in the Orchestra! It has been so much fun these past one and a half years of Orchestra- our teacher is REALLY GREAT and we have learned so much since the beginning of 6th grade. Mikela, too, will really miss playing in her Orchestra if we go to Loyalsock. Last night Mikela had her school concert. In orchestra, she got picked to play a solo in one of her songs! GOOD JOB MIKELA! Our mom got to play the piano for the chorus, so she had fun getting to be with Mikela at some of her pratices... and tonight we are off to Isaac's band concert, GOOD LUCK ISAAC! Next Tuesday is Isaac, me and Anna's chorus concert- WOW! We are BUSY!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Foster Filly!

Exciting news! We are "fostering" a little filly! It's a long story but the time came for Dippy to be weaned and it didn't go very well. We put her mommy and "aunt sadie" in the big pasture and her in the smaller one, but because horses are herd animals, she needed company and tried to get out. She got very sad and got a "boo-boo" from the fence. After weeks of planning what to do, we finally decided that the best way was to "rent" a filly her age from a rescue farm right down the road (that has lots of foals ready to be sold) so she could have a friend. Now we are fostering a gentle little "Cocoa" (named by grandma because of her rich color and markings). When she arrived she was a little ragged and scared, but after a little grooming and a couple walks with Anna, Emily,Mikela, and Dippy, she has became our friend. Now Cocoa and Dippy INSIST on being together in the same stall, sharing eachothers grain and hay, and being groomed side by side. They are definite best friends, and two little cuties. Little Dippy still nickers when she sees mommy, but loves having her new companion.

-Emily and Anna

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Is Coming!

Since we didn't have school this weekend, we decided to decorate for Christmas! We started it all off by getting our beautiful Christmas tree on Friday Night. Then, with christmas songs playing and cookies baking, we trimmed the tree, decorated the house, put up christmas lights, went christmas shopping, and, to end it all off, we took our christmas picture. All of which will memories that last forever. Here are some pictures we took in the process of all that...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Two unforgettable experiences: Baby and Broadway!

Last Thursday my sister Kristi left her last day of work as Mike's receptionist and headed to the hospital for a baby appointment, one week to Baby's due date. Kristi's blood pressure was high for the first time and it got us all a little worried. The next morning Calton came over around eleven looking a little white, I exclaimed, "It's time?!" "Not yet," he replied, "We haven't felt baby move this morning, even after sugar so we're headed to the hospital to check things out." They waited at the hospital all afternoon while we waited in anticipation at home. Baby's heart rate dropped a couple times so they sent Kristi and Calton for a stress test. Anything under 6 is cause for induction. Baby's score was 2. Within the hour they decided to perform a c-section. We were all in full agreement. At this point all we wanted was a healthy baby boy. Mom was JUST arriving when Kristi called to tell her that was the plan - PERFECT TIMING!! Mom brought with her all 4 of Kari's children (my sister Kari and her husband, Clark were in CA). The children and Mom had already been headed this way for a very special reason!! All 4 girls: Emily, Anna, Marisa, and Mikela were performing as Munchkins and Winkies in the Broadway production of "Wizard of Oz" and their marathon practice before the show was Saturday. By Friday at 6:30 pm we had all received a new baby BOY in the family, Camden Charles Law (don't you just LOVE that name!!!) He's handsome as all get out and healthy and well, along with his mother, Kristi! The doctor felt it was a wise choice to take him by c-section, the placenta had started to decay and was no longer supporting the baby. We feel SOOOO GRATEFUL that everything worked out well and he arrived safe and beautiful. The girls had a WONDERFUL time seeing Camden on Sunday at the hospital (Mom and I treasured all those early moments ourselves) and then Tuesday had another GREAT HIGHLIGHT as they experienced Broadway upclose and personal!!! It was AMAZING! They were interviewed and covered by a couple newspapers. Experienced the QUICK and PROFESSIONAL changes that happen and look flawless as plays are adjusted for stage changes and missing props (the house wouldn't fit in our Community Arts center so the children's Munchkin scene had several last minute adjustments to make for more room on stage.) They experienced the special effects of fireworks on stage and amazing color, lights, and sounds. They had learned their 3 scenes and bows, dances and songs in two Saturday rehearsals and finished details the day of dress rehearsal! We could not believe how much they had learned and how well they exhibited their parts for so little time! The girls overheard some of the Oz characters saying "These are the best munchkins we've ever had!" We were not surprised as 4 of the 12 Munchkins were so full of love and joy it couldn't help but burst out upon the 2000 in attendance. And as Aunt Kari put it, if they wanted Munchkins who would be ready, practiced and prepared they picked the right girls - we all heard and saw "Ding, dong the witch is dead! Which old witch? the WICKED WITCH!" HUNDREDS of times around here! The girls couldn't help but break into song and dance in enthusiasm and joy at every turn!!!
What unforgettable experiences of joy and togetherness!
It came as perfect timing to celebrate in Thanksgiving Thursday after enjoying such poignant tender mercies and blessings from our loving Heavenly Father. Thanksgiving to Him always.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Most Fabulous Football Season

Above - #52, Isaac, hiking the ball to #8
What a fabulous football season for us! Despite his sisters begging him NOT to play football (they feared for his life) and even his Mom and Dad's apprehensions (we've got some REALLY BIG black boys round here, some fresh out of prison), Isaac decided to take up the coaches invitation and PLAY BALL! And wow, what a fun time he had! And all of us too! The weather's been gorgeous for every game, the fall colors match the vibrant orange of Curtin's colors, the crisp cool air and warm, golden sunlight added to the experience! The team was completely victorious!!! They have never done better, according to what any Curtin teacher or coach can remember (that's about 40 years back) as they WON 6 GAMES in a row. We had extra amounts of fun because Isaac played center on offense, hiking the ball every play and center something something on defense so he was often involved there too. Isaac's friend, Gabe, from church also decided to play so we enjoyed so much sitting with our good friends for each game and inviting some more church friends over for a football party one night. We finished the season treating the victorious team to pizza, pop (oh, I mean soda, nobody knows what pop is here) and donuts - I have never in all my days see so much food wiped out so fast - that was nearly as amazing as the whole season! Way to go TEAM!

Clara and Her Playmates!

I couldn't resist taking a few shots of Clara and her "siblings" (I mean the puppy and the fillie). Still so amazing that we ended up with three babies at once! Thank heavens each one is doing beautifully! Love, Mom

P.S. Each at six months: CLARA- crawling, standing, LOVES MOM, so darlingly shy (hides in mum's shoulder), delights in all the kids but cracks up at Zoie and Esther daily, still nursing, mimics sounds (especially horses), eats bread from her tray and loves human food NOT baby food (mmmm-mmmm-mmm's while she eats! SO cute!) FILLY- still leaps and plays, greets us without fear now, will lead behind mama with a halter and rope, stands for children when the halter is on, lets up pick up legs and pet all over, still nursing though wanders around independent when Belle leaves and nibbles grass and hay. PUPPY- playful and people-oriented, learning her limits! (which includes no sniping from the counter-top), graduated from kennel to puppy bed in the family room (still in kennell when family's gone), got herself a brand-new electric fence and collar and was a VERY quick learner, loves her new indoor-outdoor freedom, finally all potty trained (OH PHEW!) but still shreds paper now and then - ugh. Mom's still alive and kickin' and most days somewhat sane - WOW.

Still Movin' In!

Finally added a mirror to the main floor bathroom! Got a new dining room table, too big for the dining room so we moved it to the family room. (No chairs yet) So grateful for Jane Arnolds Boston Temple painting, a gift from Kara Obey to grace our foyer. More house improvements later, we hope!

Happy Theme!

One thing I have missed since Mike was put in as Stake President is the missionary's coming over for dinners and splits with Mike! Once Mike became bishop and even more as Stake president they've been so cautious not to take up his time that we hardly know the new missiona
ries that have come in the last few months. So I especially appreciated the happy "missionary" theme to my birthday party and our anniversary this year! The missionaries happened to stop to report to Mike for my b-day so we invited them for the barbeque birthday dinner. Then as a very special way to celebrate 15 years together, Mike and I were invited to the mission home to meet with the mission president and his wife, the 4 neighboring stake presidents and their wives and a visiting general authority and his wife from Salt Lake City. It was a precious evening to spend contemplating on our blessings together and rejoicing in our marriage and the work of the Lord! Happy theme for this year's celebrations!

Back to School!

The weekend before the children went back to school, we visited the horses. Emily and Anna were setting out to ride Belle (mama horse) and Mercedes but baby Serendipity would not follow. From where I stood I could see baby horse, but her mama could not so she was nervous, whinnying back, and in a tizzy. Serendipity on the other hand was busy checking out the world around her on her own, not worried about Mama in the least, amazingly beautiful, strong and independent. Just two days later I found myself sending the children off to school. I thought I'd wake early and treat the children to such a special breakfast, but as I finished feeding baby Clara and set off to the kitchen I found a most appetizing breakfast ready on the table by Isaac. The big kids soon yelled, "Bye Mom, love ya!" as they jumped into the car with Dad. What happened to one more look back hugs and hesitant to leave home kisses of last year? On to elementary school. Mikela insisted she get out of the car and start to class so she would NOT be a minute late. Neither of us knew her teacher or classroom yet, but she was a big fifth grader and fine without Mom walking her in. Bye, Mikela! Then I thought to wave bye and hold Kate a minute longer, but when I said Hi to the teacher and turned around, there she was already in her seat, big smile on her face waving me off. Little Esther to preschool next. Oh, she was nervous but dressed to her best and acting as big as she could as she kissed me goodbye, growing up so much in that one moment. I slowly walked to the car holding Zoie's hand. "At least I have my two tiny ones at home with me" I thought as I went to boost Zoie Grace into the car, but she quickly pushed my hands down as she forcefully proclaimed her own independence, "vyfelf!" Like Belle it was hard to let up on being Mom careful and watching every minute, keeping them under my wings, but like Serendipity they are growing gorgeous, strong, independent with vibrant and beautiful spirits that will go on to do great things and "what's a mother to do?" Whinny them back, cry on the first day of school, but know, she'd not have it any other way. Here's to another year of growth!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Amazing weekend!

Life has indeed been busy for all of us! Too busy to write about it! Please forgive. We did have the most amazing weekend though. We had been disappointed we couldn't head up to New Hampshire last weekend due to several schedule conflicts, but it ended up being one of the nicest weekends we've ever had here. I (CaMarie) felt for the first time like we settling into 'home'. Friday and Monday the children had off school. We attended chores then headed up to our new barn to set it up for the new arrivals. Emily and Anna and Mikela posted darling handmade and laminated chore charts and "tack room" signs. They put up a "gallery" in the tack room - darling horse posters they've saved for months for just such a purpose. The barn quickly became their second home. The horses arrived Saturday morning to (I must admit) heaven on earth. Lush green grass, warm, golden sunshine, lots of friends, and the most vibrant colors of autumn filling the mountainside (where our lot sits) behind them. It was among the most beautiful of days ever made, I am certain. The horses basked in it, and showed how comfortable they were in their new home by rolling in the grass, shaking and heaving big, happy sighs. We are SO GLAD to have them closer, relishing the 6 minute drive versus the 25 minute drive. The girls are SURE it will NEVER be hard to wake up at 6 a.m. to check on them and feed them each morning. Mike and I feel grateful that things have worked out as they have. We learned so much from both the barns the horses resided at this past year, and they themselves are vastly better, easy now to manage, than they were a year ago thanks to our mentors Shane, Kim, and Becky. We are more prepared for full responsibility - loving it so far! The girls took a trail ride Tuesday with little Dipity being led behind them. Mike and I could not resist and took our own little get away trail ride Wednesday for a picnic lunch together admist paradise - EXTRAORDINARY! We feel SOOOO BLESSED!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Last night we had a sleepover with our friend Stephanie.We got lots of pictures so you can see how wild we are. Emily was so tired- but that meant more pranks! Anna and Steph broke out the traditional pillowfight after the ketchup. Stephanie kept the action going till 3 in the morning with off and on naps, finally getting to sleep while playing with our new phones. Poor little Missy was in the room we were sleeping in -so she's also sleep deprived this morning.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

3 New Phones!

Today Mom and Dad took Anna, Me, and Isaac to a really fancy restaurant for a back-to-school lunch. We had 2 courses when Mom just had to let us open the "little back-to-school gift" she and dad had gotten for each of us. When we were expecting a little thing, we all opened up our own Juke phone!!!!!! They are so cool! I would post pics of them but I have to go! I have red, Anna has Turquoise, and Isaac has Navy Blue! It's GREAT!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Isaac and his "long-lost twin" had their family birthday party yesterday. Levi's family came over and we we had a fun Bar-b-Que before going up to our lot to roast marshmallows. We had a fun night all together and afterward Isaac and Levi had slept at the lot in their tent. They also convinced us to leave the four-wheeler with them that night... uh-oh! Two 14-year old boys + a four-wheeler in the woods = NO GOOD!!!!! Oh, well, it's their birhtday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAAC AND LEVI!!!!!

Handsome Isaac back from Trek

We found some pics of Isaac going off to Trek a couple weeks ago and thought he made a handsome pioneer! It was so neat to have Isaac get a microscopic sampling of the Mormon pioneer experience (small amounts of rather bland food, lots of walking and wagon pushing, chicken catching, killing, and cooking, etc...) before we hit the Mormon trail ourselves.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun in the Rain

Peacuful night...Reading Scriptures-in our pajamas and ready for bed...BOOM!FLASH! All the sudden, rain started pouring down like crazy. Dad jumped up and declared with fist in air- LET'S GO PLAY IN THE RAIN! All of us stampeded outside and danced in the rain. Dad started lots more fun by holding each one of the kids under the rain gutter, which was like a raging waterfall. When the kids had laughed so hard that their stomachs hurt Dad shouted through all the rain, "TO THE TRAMP!" With that, they were all gone in a second to the trampoline, which was soaked and slippery. What fun! The funniest part was when Dad and Calton started doing Irish Dancing in the rain! What a sight! Breaking all the rules, we got on the cars and slid down the hoods, denting them just a bit (lol). After doing headstands and a family pyramid in the rain, everyones inside...another round of eight dry pajamas. Into bed. What a great night. Also, there are pics of the girls with all their stuffed animals. We just thought it was kinda cute.

Isaac's New Fourwheeler!!!

Exciting day! Today as the boys (Isaac and Levi) were eating a birthday breakfast, the girls decorated a poster that said "Happy Birthday Isaac!!". We put the new fourwheeler in front of the door to the garage according to our plan. When Isaac and Levi were done eating breakfast Mom gave the cue. All the girls ran into the garage and sat on the fourwheeler, holding the birthday sign. Mom said to Isaac, "I am so sorry to have you do a job on your birthday but I really need this garbage taken to the garage. Then she grabbed the video camera and followed him out. Right as he opened the door the girls yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAAC!" And to his suprise, he saw the fourwheeler and jumped on, already knowing how to drive it. He flew around the yard and the kids have been on it all day. Even little Zoie would scream "fasher, fasher" as we were already going at almost full speed. What a fun birthday suprise!