Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Theme!

One thing I have missed since Mike was put in as Stake President is the missionary's coming over for dinners and splits with Mike! Once Mike became bishop and even more as Stake president they've been so cautious not to take up his time that we hardly know the new missiona
ries that have come in the last few months. So I especially appreciated the happy "missionary" theme to my birthday party and our anniversary this year! The missionaries happened to stop to report to Mike for my b-day so we invited them for the barbeque birthday dinner. Then as a very special way to celebrate 15 years together, Mike and I were invited to the mission home to meet with the mission president and his wife, the 4 neighboring stake presidents and their wives and a visiting general authority and his wife from Salt Lake City. It was a precious evening to spend contemplating on our blessings together and rejoicing in our marriage and the work of the Lord! Happy theme for this year's celebrations!

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Erica said...

I miss that about living someplace other than Utah! We'd have the missionaries over for dinner all the time when we lived elsewhere. We'd help feed them after Zone Conferences too. memories. :^)