Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Girl Scout's Progressive Dinner!

I felt so lucky to sub-in for Linda and Laurie as a girl scout leader for an evening! Linda rushed from the airport and made it for most the night anyway, which made it extra enjoyable! This is Mikela and her dear friends and girl scout troop for the night!

Our master gardener at work!!!

What does a brother do to show his LOYALTY and LOVE?! This one could not be beat. Here is a glimpse of the gorgeous (and long - couldn't fit it all in!) rock wall built by our master gardener, Spencer Lawrence Cooper! And pics of him putting in the grass with the rest of his crew, working into the night!!! And we couldn't miss catching the beautiful vegetable garden he put in by the barn. Great work, Great memories!!! THANK YOU, Spencer! Thank you everyone that helped make it happen! (Including Steph, holding the youngest participant, HOPE!

Sister's Love

Can't you just see the adoration in Clara's eyes! She loves and looks up to her sisters SOOO MUCH!!! She was thrilled for Zoie with every present. Clara also laughs harder than the sister being tickled - it's like your tickling Clara if you tickle anyone else! This morning at the barn, Zoie was crying because she'd forgotten her shoes and couldn't come see the baby goats, she had to wait in the car. Clara said in her two year old lingo, "Doie Dad? Doie Crying decause dshe dan't dome dee dhe baby doats?" "Yes, Zoie's sad she can't come see the baby goats." I confirmed. "I feel sad for Zoie too," I sad, "Maybe we could pick Zoie a flower and bring it back to Zoie to help her feel better," I suggested. We entered the barn, played with the baby goats, fed the animals, petted the kitty, swept up and started back to the car. Clara found a hill of gravel and had to try to climb up it! I finally retrieved her and we went back to the car. As I picked Clara up to put her and placed her in the carseat, she handed a flower to Zoie! Zoie was all better, I had completely forgotten in the midst of all the other activities, but somehow, on her own, Clara had remembered and picked a flower (I don't even know when! Because I carried her from the gravel pile to the car!) and first thing back in the car handed it to Zoie. It did make Zoie happy, she even giggled when I told her Clara had done that all on her own to make her sister feel better. Sister love.

Spencer, Stephanie, Maylee and Hope!

What an amazing JOY to have the Coopers come to stay! For 5 whole weeks we got to enjoy them as family, friends, and next door neighbors! (They stayed in the apartment over the garage). It was such a beautiful blessing to share time, talk, tiny ones, planning and preparing the gardens for the new home!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having the faith to make such marvelous memories happen, Spenc and Steph!! We are SOOO glad you came!!!

Highlights of their visit:
*Spencer building a monumental rock wall that will preserve our memories and love in stone!!! Spencer, I LOVE the stones the children gave me - incredible to do!!!
*Isaac and his friends joining Spencer in the digging and dirt!!! Way to go guys!!!
*Esther, Zoie, Clara enjoying Maylee and Baby Hope DAILY!!!! We still miss coming to the apartment to ask you to play!!! Here are pics from our Reptileland visit.
*Spencer making us ROAR with laughter most every night! (we'll never forget Princess and the Frog quotes and interpretations! ;)
*Stephanie helping so much by watching little ones as I ran to meetings and errands!
*Stephanie even helping with laundry!! Great work balancing a new baby and all that!
*Mike having a hay day with the tractor! We're getting veggies/fruit from the garden!
*Enjoying Mom and Dad, Kari and Clark and Kristi and Calt over Memorial day with Spenc &Steph!!

Thanks for all!!!