Friday, April 24, 2009

Off and Runnin!

(This pics taken just after Isaac took first on the mile!)

Isaac convinced the girls to join him in track this season. Wow! They are all doing well. First meet: Isaac came in 1st in mile (by a mile!) and 800, 2nd in shotput; Anna came in 1st in 800, 2nd in mile by 2 seconds, and Emily and Anna were on the same team for the 4X4 race and came in 2nd! Wow! (Did I already say that?)

Anna says herself she didn't realize how competitive she is until she started track this season. She can't STAND to have someone in front of her. Emily's always just seconds behind her and, in their first practice race, impulsively called out, "Anna, wait for me!" Needless to say, Anna didn't wait. We all watch amazed as tiny Anna takes on all the tall 7th,8th, and 9th graders and leads the way on the track, Emily's never far behind her though!

Way to go, Kids!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Emily and Anna's 13 year old do!

Mom's early birthday gift to her oldest girls, initiated and carried out through the powers of Aunt Kristi who lined up the appointment then took the girls to it! Isn't it cute?! (says proud Mom) Just in time for 13!
This pic is Emily and Anna at the Flat Iron Salon near our home with cousin, Baby Camden. THANKS FOR BEING "The FUN AUNT", Kristi!


We enjoyed Williamsport's district Jazz concert the other night. Here's Isaac's solo (he's the first sax to play).
P.S. He hee! I just listened to it - and without great speakers u sure miss out on the great quality of the band music! Forgive it all sounding like little squeaks - it was awesome live! ;)

We LOVE Conference!

General Conference only comes twice a year, which makes it all the more appreciated! I love it more every year (it's getting awfully comfy watching it from BYUTV at home!). Mike pulled out the table, conference packets off and we were off to feasting on 4 great sessions from home. Mike, Isaac, and Calton enjoyed the the Priesthood session at the church. We felt SO UPLIFTED AND BLESSED by the WORD! Here's a funny family pic of the weekend.

They Are Finally Here! Broadway pics!

Hey Everyone! Sorry this took so long to post, but here are some pics from the Wizard of Oz that Anna, Emily, and Mikela and our cousin Marisa were in last November.

To tell who's who in costume refer to the Winkie picture (the wicked witches soldiers) you'll see: Emily, Mikela, Anna, Marisa from left to right. Mikela was the smallest winkie and DARLING when she saluted to the wicked witch as she was "kickin" her off the stage. Anna and Emily were trying so hard to keep the smiles off their faces in order to look the part of dreary, serious winkies and Marisa was all character - way to be serious, Mis!- (we got the CD Friday, we'll copy and send on soon!). As Munchkin's the girls are wearing purple and Marisa's the "lullaby league dancer" on the right. The Munchkin scene was so vivid, bright, lively, FUNNY and ENTERTAINING! We couldn't believe how much the girls had learned in such a short time. They were GREAT in action and character; they couldn't resist laughing out loud to themselves when dancing onto the stage with the broadway crew, they couldn't believe how MUNCHKIN land looked and sounded either! Great memory!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kate had the Happiest Birthday!!!

Kate demonstrated the "age of accountability" by being completely accountable for the makings of her own birthday party. From dreaming it up to making it happen (she wrote every invite herself, planned every game and the craft, and prayed the rain away -though she had some help here- to make games and riding possible after a day of great rainshowers). Kate proved she'd do well in "event-planning" as well as demonstrating once again the great LOVE she has for her FAMILY and FRIENDS. She really made us all very HAPPY on her birthday!!!

(Though Kate was the instigator of all the fun she really wants to say THANK YOU to the many helpers she had in putting together and cleaning up the party! THANKS!!!)

We LOVE you Kate! We think it's GREAT you are EIGHT! We are all looking forward to your baptism next weekend and can't believe how lucky we are that so much family (G&G Hoffman, Olsen's, G&G Cooper, Maxwells, Laws - and maybe Kara!) will be here for it!!! Wow. What a special day that will be. LOVE, Mom and Dad

See you later Alligator!

Mikela, Kate, Esther Beth, Zoie Grace, Clara and I made a great escape to REPTILELAND! EstherBethie had worked hard to earn coupons and chose REPTILELAND for her reward! It was rewarding to ALL of us! SO MUCH FUN!

All tuckered out!

Zoie Grace couldn't make it through scriptures! (Happens frequently with someone or the other ;).