Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kate had the Happiest Birthday!!!

Kate demonstrated the "age of accountability" by being completely accountable for the makings of her own birthday party. From dreaming it up to making it happen (she wrote every invite herself, planned every game and the craft, and prayed the rain away -though she had some help here- to make games and riding possible after a day of great rainshowers). Kate proved she'd do well in "event-planning" as well as demonstrating once again the great LOVE she has for her FAMILY and FRIENDS. She really made us all very HAPPY on her birthday!!!

(Though Kate was the instigator of all the fun she really wants to say THANK YOU to the many helpers she had in putting together and cleaning up the party! THANKS!!!)

We LOVE you Kate! We think it's GREAT you are EIGHT! We are all looking forward to your baptism next weekend and can't believe how lucky we are that so much family (G&G Hoffman, Olsen's, G&G Cooper, Maxwells, Laws - and maybe Kara!) will be here for it!!! Wow. What a special day that will be. LOVE, Mom and Dad


Kari said...

That looks like a REALLY FUN birthday party!!! I proud of you Kate!!! I can't wait to see you in one week for Kate's baptism!! (I can't believe that Kate is turning 8!!!!!) I love you sooooooo much!!


Hilary said...

Boy! They just keep growing up, don't they? How come we never get any older? You amaze me CaMarie! Tell Kate Happy Birthday from us :)

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Kate the Great! We love you.

Heather said...

We wish we were there at your party. Man we miss out on some good times! Love you Kate!

Erica said...

Happy b-day, Kate!!!!! Congrats on your baptism! *hugs*