Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top O' the Morning to Ya!

And a GREAT morning it is around here!!! HAPPY 2nd Birthday, Clara!!!

A morning filled with springtime, sunshine, love, and lots of smiles as 9 people wished Clara a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Clara celebrated with her own photo shoot for the newspaper. I wish there's someway they could catch the delightful, real-life, little girl I followed skipping into the church to take pics (no camera could hold that beautiful, delightful springtime moment or the joy that tiny two year old brings to us!). The newspaper could never know how appropriate it was that they asked Clara to be included in the story they requested covering Dad as stake president here as she was blessed the day Dad was set apart in this responsiblity.

We've been celebrating all week already as we knew there'd be no time tonight. YM/YW/Pres. mtg/R.S. birthday - we considered canceling out on all of these but I want Clara to always be proud she was born on the R.S. birthday! (Perhaps that means getting used to celebrating two b-days each year.) And it's been soooo much fun celebrating Clara since Monday night! more pics of the party later!

Love, C. and All

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I LOVE Family Home Evening! No matter how late, how hurried, how hectic, or how unprepared, we hold it. (even if it has to be Sunday instead of Monday once in a while!) And I'm ALWAYS glad in the end!! ;) A few people in our stake have said they wish they could be a fly on the wall for family home evening. I'm afraid they'd be surprised at what they see! Here's a recent, regular, run-of-the-mill family home evening: (Don't even Mike and I look bored?! At least the dog is listening.) We had Emily and Anna throwing their sisters in the air during the lesson, Isaac tickling his siblings, reminded everyone 'no texting', the dog sticking her face in everyone else's, children climbing over the couch and under our feet, chatting off subject is one of the funnest parts of the night, and keeping little ones entertained and engaged enough is one of the greatest challenges of the night, but in the end, I ALWAYS LOVE IT!!
So glad for F.H.E.!

Be Mine!

All my little Valentine's! Big Valentine, Dad, is behind the camera! Celebrating Valentine's with a special Sunday dinner! Surprises and all!

Mike and I had a wonderful time celebrating Valentine's day! Saturday night we were on a dating panel for the stake youth! Here's hoping nights like these will keep us young at heart. ;) I thought we were staying for the youth dance, but MY LOVE and VALENTINE for LIFE swept me off my feet again by carrying me off to a romantic dinner he'd reserved for us at the Herdic house. The surprise, the candlelight, fresh flowers, and quiet conversation of Valentine memories together made my day! Thank you, Valentine!!!

Memories I missed!

For posterity's sake (this has become our only means of keeping family history!) and FAMILY's sake (it was SOOOO FUN to have lots of our Fam here at Christmas and they haven't seen some of these yet!) I'm posting some pics, though late, of Christmas, family, and barn memories! Labeled at the bottom.

Top to Bottom:
-Mike and Clara at the new house!
-Kari and kids, Mom, Clark and Becky out the back door of the new place!
-Isaac and fans with friend Josh, who just starred as Ponyboy in Outsiders! So GOOD!
-Marisa holding Clara while Em freezes waiting for water for horses!
-"Farm Girls", Marisa, Mikela, and Kari with goat, Candy!
-Original Farm Girl, Grandma, climbing the ladder to get out of the barn!
-Gavin and Isaac catch themselves a chicken!
-Becky catchin' chickens - on film at least!
-Sadie holding a chicken Anna caught!
-Becky and Clark out front of the barn.
-Kari cooing to Audrey with Clara watching closely (to do the same to her dolls.)
-10 second count down to New Year! (notice Grandma A., Heather, and Spenc present through phone!)
-Gramps and his following.
-Kids with Lewis children at the barn (just after their new baby arrived!)
-Emily (Clayton's wife) came hours out of her way to play for an afternoon! Thanks, Em! After changing from business clothes to torn jeans she played at the barn and ate at T.G.I. Friday's before fleeing the storm coming to get back to work!
-Clara, Zoie, and Sadie, PJclad and playing!
-Handsome Mike in the 'devilish' shirt Mom got him! (prelude to pink! ;)
-Zoie Grace all dressed in red for the season!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Kate, Esther and Missy were having so much fun outside today. Just this week the temperatures sprang and they were enjoying spring. On Saturday the kids helped Dad set up the trampoline and they have all been having the time of their lives with him jumping on it. The kids didn't wear coats today and brought out their bikes for the first time this year. I hope you all are enjoying warm weather as well!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Clara's Birthday is around the Corner!

Unbelievable as it is, Clarly's (nickname from one of Mike's dear patients)#2 birthday next week! We're celebrating already with her 2 year old pictures by Kristi. It was a precious morning, waking Clara with the news that she was taking her pictures today. She sensed the excitement of the special event and held perfectly still for Kristi to put pig-tails in her hair and happily cooperated as we dressed her in her spring green hoodie and jeans with comfy crocs to catch the casual (SPECIAL) times we share daily. Clara carefully collected her very important baby (always attached) along with a bunny she'd spotted out of place this morning and carried throughout the photo shoot. We had so much fun with Aunt Kristi who treated Clara like a princess and got her giggling with hide-the-bunny before long. Go to Kristi's photo blog,, to see the rest the pics! I am so grateful for our treasure Clara!!!!

Great pic of Great Office Staff!!

Thanks you guys!

one favorite feature!

a pic i found of our new family room ceiling - i love it! Great work Mitch, Lew, Josh, and all!