Sunday, March 14, 2010

Memories I missed!

For posterity's sake (this has become our only means of keeping family history!) and FAMILY's sake (it was SOOOO FUN to have lots of our Fam here at Christmas and they haven't seen some of these yet!) I'm posting some pics, though late, of Christmas, family, and barn memories! Labeled at the bottom.

Top to Bottom:
-Mike and Clara at the new house!
-Kari and kids, Mom, Clark and Becky out the back door of the new place!
-Isaac and fans with friend Josh, who just starred as Ponyboy in Outsiders! So GOOD!
-Marisa holding Clara while Em freezes waiting for water for horses!
-"Farm Girls", Marisa, Mikela, and Kari with goat, Candy!
-Original Farm Girl, Grandma, climbing the ladder to get out of the barn!
-Gavin and Isaac catch themselves a chicken!
-Becky catchin' chickens - on film at least!
-Sadie holding a chicken Anna caught!
-Becky and Clark out front of the barn.
-Kari cooing to Audrey with Clara watching closely (to do the same to her dolls.)
-10 second count down to New Year! (notice Grandma A., Heather, and Spenc present through phone!)
-Gramps and his following.
-Kids with Lewis children at the barn (just after their new baby arrived!)
-Emily (Clayton's wife) came hours out of her way to play for an afternoon! Thanks, Em! After changing from business clothes to torn jeans she played at the barn and ate at T.G.I. Friday's before fleeing the storm coming to get back to work!
-Clara, Zoie, and Sadie, PJclad and playing!
-Handsome Mike in the 'devilish' shirt Mom got him! (prelude to pink! ;)
-Zoie Grace all dressed in red for the season!

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