Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top O' the Morning to Ya!

And a GREAT morning it is around here!!! HAPPY 2nd Birthday, Clara!!!

A morning filled with springtime, sunshine, love, and lots of smiles as 9 people wished Clara a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Clara celebrated with her own photo shoot for the newspaper. I wish there's someway they could catch the delightful, real-life, little girl I followed skipping into the church to take pics (no camera could hold that beautiful, delightful springtime moment or the joy that tiny two year old brings to us!). The newspaper could never know how appropriate it was that they asked Clara to be included in the story they requested covering Dad as stake president here as she was blessed the day Dad was set apart in this responsiblity.

We've been celebrating all week already as we knew there'd be no time tonight. YM/YW/Pres. mtg/R.S. birthday - we considered canceling out on all of these but I want Clara to always be proud she was born on the R.S. birthday! (Perhaps that means getting used to celebrating two b-days each year.) And it's been soooo much fun celebrating Clara since Monday night! more pics of the party later!

Love, C. and All


Mylissa said...

Happy Birthday to Clara. It's amazing that you are two years old now.

Mylissa Richins Weger & Family

Heather said...

Happy Birthday little Miss Clara! Love you!

Kristi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA!!!!!! We love you so. Camden loves you more than anyone! :) It's so fitting that you were born on St. Patty's day because we are so "lucky" to have you!!!

Mom said...

We're waiting to hear about the newspaper article.
Clara is a cutie, she sure is sitting on some beautiful steps in that new home of yours too!
Can't wait til you get to move in.
How fun!
Love you all, Mom

Amber said...

WOW Camarie, What a beautiful family you have!!!!! The last time I saw you your twins were just babes in arms. How time flies! So sad to see you won't be at the reunion. Jake and I are were the one I wanted to see since you were my only senior friend. ;) Your Clara just turned 2, my Clara is 4, my twins are 10 and Jake is an orthopod, too.....that is just too weird!
Hope you're well!
Amber Patterson Oldham