Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do you think this looks clean enough to sell?

It's not. The mess is in the hall right behind me as I took the pictures. Despite my worst fears that we'd never be able to show this place for selling, we did show it, four times last week (one a complete surprise showing). The sign is officially in the yard as of Thursday. There is one buyer interested, though he's out of state and will come to see it in person soon - too bad our house won't hold still long enough to stay clean (like these pics!). Here's PRAYING this house sells quickly!


Kari said...

I hope it sells quickly for you guys!!! I love your new house and I CAN'T wait for you guys to move into it!!! I love you!!!!


Kristi said...

Lookin' good! Great job. We'll be hopin' and prayin for ya that it sells!

NelsonFamily said...

Wow, can't believe how beautiful it all looks, how long did it last? Good luck!

Mom said...

Wonderful job! Simplify and just post these pictures on the web and they have to buy it by looking at the pictures! It looks pretty enough to buy all right!
Good luck!