Tuesday, April 13, 2010

late night choices-

I'm SO TIRED!! And Mike and I were just trying to plan another crammed weekend. I thought I was so wise to postpone the temple trip. Rather than Emily and Anna and Mike or myself going to do baptisms this Saturday with the youth in the ward, we'd all go as a family soon - when things slow down (from this view of the calendar, it is hard to see when that might be). There was simply too much going on for a day's trip to the temple. I had decided.

Mike left to pick up Isaac from his 10:30 pm rehearsal and I was left to myself. Luckily I decided to pray about all the demands of this week and weekend. The first thoughts that came to my mind upon praying were "easily entreated" in reference to how I should be to my daughters' pleas to go to the temple this weekend. I sat there a minute pondering about it and felt a tug to pick up the book on my nightstand, it was upside down. I thought it was the new one my Mom had given me for Easter but found a surprise as I picked it up and read "The Temple" by Truman Madsen. I wondered where it had come from (Mike's pile on the other side of the bed?). I opened and read a great chapter about the power and blessings of the temple beginning, "Where does one find a balance staff? The balance staff is the temple." The end read, "I pray that in the moments of anguish and stress and burdens that will come to all of us, we will recognize that God has given us a balance staff, which, as the Prophet Joseph once said, "holds the storm." That is the temple. It is the Lord's house. He is there through His Spirit, and He has promised to manifest Himself in mercy unto His children throughout their lives."

O.K., we'll be heading to the temple this weekend.


NelsonFamily said...

CaMarie, I loved this post. We had a women's conference in our stake not long ago and they had the entire closing hour about the temple and how it blesses our lives. The spirit told me strongly that I needed the temple no matter how busy life is. And mine feels pretty busy right now. I've made a committment to go more often to receive the help I need. Thanks for your sweet story!

Mom said...

A beautiful entry! You must write a book one day! You have such a gift with words. Love to you all!