Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Ninth Birthday Katie!!!

Kate turned NINE!!! this week. REMARKABLE! Here's a few pics of her 5 day long birthday party, beginning with her friends on Thursday afternoon, Hoopla's on Saturday between conference sessions and another birthday cake, song, and the last few presents from Mom and Grandma C. Sunday after Easter dinner with our dear friends The Crocketts and new friend Bill Lee and our missionaries too. (Elder Black and Elder Green pictured here.) One last party Monday as Grandpa and Grandma Hoffman arrived for a second Easter dinner and 4th or 5th Katey birthday party. They of course brought her presents from cousins and themselves! As her mother I can vouch that Kate's worth that much celebration!!! ;)

I wish I had the picture of Kate decked out in her darling ruffled butterfly T, knee and elbow pads and new roller blades - the ultimate at NINE! (Hey, Kari, we'll move into that house just in time for Kate to live it up on wheels with music blasting in that unfinished basement of ours! Those were the days!)

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