Friday, April 16, 2010

"Play"ing is SO MUCH WORK!!!

But all that work is finally paying off! Last weekend we SO ENJOYED Emily and Anna's "Honk!" production at Curtin Middle school. It was a delightful, FUN production. Emily made a DARLING DUCKLING and Anna was a GORGEOUSLY GRACEFUL QUEEN SWAN! They were WONDERFUL!!! ALONG with the rest of the cast! A very fun and clever play, SO well done!! Even the littlest girls stayed interested (more like glued) both nights! Thanks to our friends who came and supported Emily and Anna in the fun!!

Last night was opening night for Isaac's high school production of "Sound of Music". I must admit I was AMAZED at the professional EXCELLENCE of EVERYTHING from the expert musician's in the live orchestra to the awesome stage set to the GREAT acting and beautiful singing of ALL the students!!! It was REALLY, REALLY GOOD!!! (And I would say that just as amazed if I wasn't the mother! :)) Of course, Isaac was PHENOMENAL!!!! FANTASATIC!!! WONDERFUL!!! THE BEST!!!! And Maria's acting was really, really WONDERFUL - they made a perfect combination on stage (one would never know Maria was a senior and Isaac a freshman!) so the play really drew us in!!!

Emily and Anna and Mikela and Katey and Esther and Zoie were all SOOOOO PROUD of their brother!!!! (Clara just said, "Icic" pointing on stage and proceeded to be a challenge for Mom to keep busy and quiet!) Emily even FORGOT that sharp looking, grown up, buff, strong, in-control, righteous Captain on stage was her brother and had to proclaim, just like the fanatical, overreacting teenager girls in front of us "I'm in love!" THAT made us smile nearly as much as seeing seven sisters attack their brother with hugs and squeals of delight after the play. A very fun night of pay off. We were especially glad Grandpa and Grandma Hoffman could come last night and that there are TWO MORE NIGHTS TO GO and lots more family and friends coming!!!!

Great rewards for the hard work and sacrifice of so many in the past few months.


Heather said...

WOW! The house does look amazing! I hope it sells quickly for you! Happy Birthday Kate. Happy Easter all! And way to go Anna, Emily and Isaac! I wish I lived by you guys! I hate missing out on so many things! Love you all!

Kristi said...

SOOOOOO sad we are missing all the plays. I can't even explain to you how sad it makes my heart to be missing it all. PLEASE record them for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya. Miss ya.

Mom said...

You know how badly I wanted to be at both of these plays! So proud of you guys! Keep up the great work! You are such examples to your piers!
Thanks for sharing the great pictures! Love to you all!