Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clara takes the Cake!

Clara 'got her cake and ate it too!' Way to go, Clara!

Clara's #1

Officially! Here's sharin'!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Be our Guest" in viewing Isaac as Gaston!

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It was really great for all of us to see Isaac in this new role! It was especially enjoyable for us to have Emily and Anna performing right along with him in this middle school rendition of "Beauty and the Beast". (The girls were GREAT at filling us in on all the rehearsals - we'd have never have known one thing if it were left to Isaac to share the details ;). ) There are many, many pics at if anyone has time to pick out I, E, and A there.

Kari - we loved the video on your blog! he hee! Thanks!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The foundation for our new home - US!

"Play"ing all weekend!!!

What a fantastic weekend for the Hoffmans! Isaac, Emily, and Anna and their friends and teachers successfully performed "Beauty and the Beast"! It was AWESOME!! We LOVED it!!! It was an exceptional production! It was especially exciting for us to witness Isaac unleashed as Gaston on stage! WOW! It was way too fun to see him make Gaston bigger than life on stage! He did a GREAT job of it! It was especially fun for him to play enemy to his best friend at school, Josh, who played the beast, along with other great friends playing Cogsworth, Lumierre and Chip - they all did FANTASTICALLY! Way too much ENTERTAINMENT!!! We were so grateful for the support of FAMILY and friends as Grandpa and Grandma Cooper, Maxwells, Laws, YW, Kara and a few others joined us for the play!

Saturday we played up Marisa's 12 year old birthday! Dearly beloved cousin and niece we LOVED having her and family here for the day! We ended up breaking in the barn with birthday decor and PARTY there! Precious, wonderful memories all weekend long!!!

P.S. We'll post pics of Isaac, Emily, and Anna in the play when we receive them from Kristi.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clara cruisin'

This was one of Clara's first cruising videos last month. She will turn one year old next week! We adore her even more than we did upon first seeing her one year ago!