Monday, April 28, 2008

Big weekend - from Bishop to Stake President and Baby Blessing TOO!

Yes, big events in our family this weekend. We had a wonderful, spiritual experience with Elder Arnold and Elder Pitts of the Seventy. What wonderful men, such tremendous examples to us. Mike was very surprised to receive the calling of Stake President. "What an incredible experience to have hands laid on your head under the direction of the first presidency and quorum of the twelve to be set apart for this calling" Mike says (and this quote really did come from Mike, Mom and Dad!). Pray for us! We'll do our best!

We were so grateful to have Mike's sisters and their families here (a trip planned a year ago) and we were so grateful for the quick and willing response of those closest in distance to us- Mom and Dad and Kari and Kids- headed here immediately to make it to stake conference 10 am Sunday morning after receiving our phone call late Saturday afternoon. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! And thank you to the support of Mom and Dad Hoffman with their GREAT DESIRE to be here and with their LOVE and PRAYERS!

We had planned to bless Clara Joy next week at fast and testimony meeting, but with so many dear ones gathered we couldn't wait, and we conveniently had the Bishop and Stake President in our home, so we went ahead and blessed our baby here at home on Sunday.
My favorite moments of the weekend were seeing the great tears in Elder Arnold's eyes as he extended the call to Mike, feeling the confirmation of the Holy Spirit that has given me courage to support my husband in this position, and hearing all the little cousins downstairs singing "I am a Child of God" as I was upstairs dressing Clara in her beautiful, white, blessing dress. How grateful I am for Life.
Signed, CaMarie

Cousin Time!

Oh, hurray for us! The Olsen family and the Troop family visited us this week! We thought we'd be hosting them, but I believe they ended up hosting themselves and supporting us through a very big weekend! The kids were overjoyed to be together (the only entertainment needed was each other - the new tramp came in handy too ;) ) and how neat it was (a tender mercy Mike called it) to have Mike's sisters, brothers (in law), nieces and nephews here on the weekend as Mike was made Stake President of the Williamsport Area Stake. Thank you to them for all the kindesses and the cheerful caring of kids this week!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birthday Time!

Happy birthday to Katey!! Amazing to realize she is SEVEN! We gave her what Kate would like best - something to go wacky, wild on - a TRAMPOLINE!! Lucky for her she was the first birthday of spring and we needed an outside toy of SOMEKIND! Also lucky for her that her orthopedic surgeon father had a moment of weakness - well, hopefully inspiration!

Kate keeps reminding her parents that she wants scriptures - the kind the big kids have. She is looking forward to a special year being seven and preparing for baptism. Kate brings her Mom's heart lots of joy just be being her! We're so glad we got blessed with her seven years (wow) ago.

This begins birthday season for our family. Esther, Emily, Anna, and Zoie Grace are up ahead.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Babies Everywhere!

What in all the world could be more wonderful for our household than a new baby girl? Two new baby girls, of course!!!

Surprise!!! The surprise of the year for us occurred Sunday morning when Daddy called us from the church and told us our beautiful baby Belle had just delivered a foal! ... A foal no one had even imagined was on its way!

We purchased Belle in July, she arrived at her new PA home in August with pages of careful instructions, none of them saying anything about pregnant, of course!

The girls have dreamed of the day their horses could have a BABY. Perhaps the power of 5 girls wishing so hard hurried the process, creating a beautiful little SERENDIPITY! Serendipity's Dad is a VERY HANDSOME, HIGH BRED Horse who grew up with Belle as her best buddy. They were seperated in May of last year before they "figured things out" the previous owner stated. CaMarie thinks it's an awfully romantic story; Mike's just glad he got away with free stud service and one less year of stressing about another pregnant mama!

After all the commotion, all of us are rejoicing in the gift of life this spring!