Monday, April 28, 2008

Big weekend - from Bishop to Stake President and Baby Blessing TOO!

Yes, big events in our family this weekend. We had a wonderful, spiritual experience with Elder Arnold and Elder Pitts of the Seventy. What wonderful men, such tremendous examples to us. Mike was very surprised to receive the calling of Stake President. "What an incredible experience to have hands laid on your head under the direction of the first presidency and quorum of the twelve to be set apart for this calling" Mike says (and this quote really did come from Mike, Mom and Dad!). Pray for us! We'll do our best!

We were so grateful to have Mike's sisters and their families here (a trip planned a year ago) and we were so grateful for the quick and willing response of those closest in distance to us- Mom and Dad and Kari and Kids- headed here immediately to make it to stake conference 10 am Sunday morning after receiving our phone call late Saturday afternoon. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! And thank you to the support of Mom and Dad Hoffman with their GREAT DESIRE to be here and with their LOVE and PRAYERS!

We had planned to bless Clara Joy next week at fast and testimony meeting, but with so many dear ones gathered we couldn't wait, and we conveniently had the Bishop and Stake President in our home, so we went ahead and blessed our baby here at home on Sunday.
My favorite moments of the weekend were seeing the great tears in Elder Arnold's eyes as he extended the call to Mike, feeling the confirmation of the Holy Spirit that has given me courage to support my husband in this position, and hearing all the little cousins downstairs singing "I am a Child of God" as I was upstairs dressing Clara in her beautiful, white, blessing dress. How grateful I am for Life.
Signed, CaMarie


Eliza said...

Oh my word, CaMarie! you guys are my heroes! Wow, that just shows how we don't know our limits til we are pushed there by the Lord. I know you guys will be so blessed for your faithful attitude and service. Good luck, we'll keep you in our prayers.

alison said...

Oh my! I thought my plate was full! Good luck with everything. You have such great kids I know you'll have lots of help and support!