Monday, April 28, 2008

Cousin Time!

Oh, hurray for us! The Olsen family and the Troop family visited us this week! We thought we'd be hosting them, but I believe they ended up hosting themselves and supporting us through a very big weekend! The kids were overjoyed to be together (the only entertainment needed was each other - the new tramp came in handy too ;) ) and how neat it was (a tender mercy Mike called it) to have Mike's sisters, brothers (in law), nieces and nephews here on the weekend as Mike was made Stake President of the Williamsport Area Stake. Thank you to them for all the kindesses and the cheerful caring of kids this week!


1 comment:

Kari said...

I still Cant belive your dad got Called as stake Pres. I LOVE You!

Austin Not Kari