Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birthday Time!

Happy birthday to Katey!! Amazing to realize she is SEVEN! We gave her what Kate would like best - something to go wacky, wild on - a TRAMPOLINE!! Lucky for her she was the first birthday of spring and we needed an outside toy of SOMEKIND! Also lucky for her that her orthopedic surgeon father had a moment of weakness - well, hopefully inspiration!

Kate keeps reminding her parents that she wants scriptures - the kind the big kids have. She is looking forward to a special year being seven and preparing for baptism. Kate brings her Mom's heart lots of joy just be being her! We're so glad we got blessed with her seven years (wow) ago.

This begins birthday season for our family. Esther, Emily, Anna, and Zoie Grace are up ahead.


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Erica said...

Oh! What a cute picture! I want to just hug the daylights out of her! :^) Tell her I said, "Happy Birthday!"

Good luck with all the upcoming b-days!