Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

One of my favorite parts of Easter this year (there were many!) was the GREATEST Easter egg hunt!!!! Our friend Kimberly put it together with a few families nearby. We went to the nearby park on a quiet, absolutely gorgeous Sat. morning before Easter. The little children hit the playground while the teenagers hit the park-grounds and started hiding eggs. It was such a glorious morning filled with fresh green life and sunshine we couldn't help but feel giddy. Watching the little ones searching ecstatically for well hidden eggs only added to that! No pushing, shoving, rushing, panic - only plenty of space, plenty of eggs, all hidden just challengingly enough to make the hunt last for MORE than 10 minutes even! It was wonderful! Thanks again to our wonderful friends who were there and made it sooo fun! It brought back great memories of 950 S. Easter hunts. LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!

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