Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Very Lucky Mother

The Luckiest I'd dare say - o yes - we call it BLESSED! Whether or not we deserve such blessings!! I felt the very most blessed to be surrounded on Saturday and Sunday by many we love, MOST especially our MOTHERS!! We visited Kennett to see Marisa's amazing acting and found Mom C. there of course - we LOVE to be near her, even if for only a day! Then we had the honor of Mom H. for dinner on Sunday!- O, the wonderful little stories she shared about our "other mothers", Grandma Kingsford and Grandma Hoffman and Voss. Special to have Stephanie, new mother to Hope, here with us too! So grateful for these and the many other mothers and grandmothers that influence us so greatly; the ones on our Family Trees and in our Friendship Circles. What a Blessing you all are to me and my family!!!!

My mother's day was wonderful, beginning with my children making me the MOST SCRUMPTIOUS breakfast in bed (all on their own) and, most especially joyful, delivering it to me while singing! They sounded better than the Von Trapps early in the morning! It was sooo beautiful! A special treat was getting ready for and going to church WITH Mike. (We made it early that way!) More singing from the Primary children (Zoie, Esther, Kate, and Mikela) at church and beautiful, bright, handmade gifts from them as well! Mike's remarks on motherhood meant so much. A nap, a meal made by the men, and presents to boot!! I could not have had a better day or weekend.

I hope each of you very special women that spend your heart hours and days loving, serving, and nurturing will be blessed with wonderful "Mother's Days" all year as you see the fruits of your labors grow!!


The Mom

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