Saturday, May 22, 2010

2 cute!

I just had to share: Esther's favorite gift this year was her science kit with all the parts of the body one can pull out, exam, operate on. Emily and Anna's favorites were there new coordinating swim suits. Quite a difference between childhood and teenagehood, yes? Shocking for me to look down from the organ bench when I was filling in for Bro. Haggardy one Sunday and see our 4 independent, older children so competently caring for our 4 younger children and realizing a whole new stage of life for us - full fledged teenagers! Isaac cannot WAIT to start driving this spring (age 16 for permit in PA) and worse yet, DATING! Emily and Anna are glad they will be included in the regional dances now and have just a few too many boy followers ;)- FRIENDS they tell me! - they are very good at being friends. I'm appreciating Esther's age six more than ever.


Kari said...

CUUUUUTE TEEENAGERS!!!! We love LimeRicki (if that is where you got them) too!!!!! We have some too!!!

Kari and Misi

Heather said...

Happy Birthday everyone! I love the swimsuits! Wish I was that skinny, I'd buy one today!