Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Bess Duh Baby Unnies"

Yes, Baby Bunnies arrived at our barn a couple months ago! I've been amazed at what a wonder, delight and joy it's been to watch the miracle of life in a bundle so small and helpless. The mother begins to pull out her fur (LOTS of fur) and turns the old, dirty rabbit cage into a downy soft, angel white wonder world for her brood. When they arrive they are pink and hairless, look like an overgrown mouse and completely fragile. They are completely covered by the mother's fur so you could go a few days not knowing they are in there. We loved watching every stage of development, a little fur - you could see what color they'd be, the funniest stage when they are all piled in the nest but spastically flip around not knowing how to jump but having the urge to do so. Next delight is the first time they venture out of the nest and dark den into the world outside - so funny to see them have their individualized way of trying to hop. Then just a couple weeks later they go through the height of their CUTENESS - never seen anything cuter, except humans of course ;).
The girls have LOVED their baby bunnies to bits! We brought two of them here to the house and they've been best buddies to the children this last month. EVERY blessing on the food, EVERY family prayer two year old Clara leans over to the one praying and whispers "bess duh baby unnies"!! The baby unnies have been a sweet blessing to us this spring.

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