Friday, March 5, 2010

Clara's Birthday is around the Corner!

Unbelievable as it is, Clarly's (nickname from one of Mike's dear patients)#2 birthday next week! We're celebrating already with her 2 year old pictures by Kristi. It was a precious morning, waking Clara with the news that she was taking her pictures today. She sensed the excitement of the special event and held perfectly still for Kristi to put pig-tails in her hair and happily cooperated as we dressed her in her spring green hoodie and jeans with comfy crocs to catch the casual (SPECIAL) times we share daily. Clara carefully collected her very important baby (always attached) along with a bunny she'd spotted out of place this morning and carried throughout the photo shoot. We had so much fun with Aunt Kristi who treated Clara like a princess and got her giggling with hide-the-bunny before long. Go to Kristi's photo blog,, to see the rest the pics! I am so grateful for our treasure Clara!!!!

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Mom said...

Precious pictures of Clara, Kristi really caught her sweet personality in the one leaning on her one arm. So precious!