Sunday, October 26, 2008

Clara and Her Playmates!

I couldn't resist taking a few shots of Clara and her "siblings" (I mean the puppy and the fillie). Still so amazing that we ended up with three babies at once! Thank heavens each one is doing beautifully! Love, Mom

P.S. Each at six months: CLARA- crawling, standing, LOVES MOM, so darlingly shy (hides in mum's shoulder), delights in all the kids but cracks up at Zoie and Esther daily, still nursing, mimics sounds (especially horses), eats bread from her tray and loves human food NOT baby food (mmmm-mmmm-mmm's while she eats! SO cute!) FILLY- still leaps and plays, greets us without fear now, will lead behind mama with a halter and rope, stands for children when the halter is on, lets up pick up legs and pet all over, still nursing though wanders around independent when Belle leaves and nibbles grass and hay. PUPPY- playful and people-oriented, learning her limits! (which includes no sniping from the counter-top), graduated from kennel to puppy bed in the family room (still in kennell when family's gone), got herself a brand-new electric fence and collar and was a VERY quick learner, loves her new indoor-outdoor freedom, finally all potty trained (OH PHEW!) but still shreds paper now and then - ugh. Mom's still alive and kickin' and most days somewhat sane - WOW.

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Kari said...

U guys are so awesome, I love you so much! I want to be with you every second!