Sunday, November 30, 2008

Two unforgettable experiences: Baby and Broadway!

Last Thursday my sister Kristi left her last day of work as Mike's receptionist and headed to the hospital for a baby appointment, one week to Baby's due date. Kristi's blood pressure was high for the first time and it got us all a little worried. The next morning Calton came over around eleven looking a little white, I exclaimed, "It's time?!" "Not yet," he replied, "We haven't felt baby move this morning, even after sugar so we're headed to the hospital to check things out." They waited at the hospital all afternoon while we waited in anticipation at home. Baby's heart rate dropped a couple times so they sent Kristi and Calton for a stress test. Anything under 6 is cause for induction. Baby's score was 2. Within the hour they decided to perform a c-section. We were all in full agreement. At this point all we wanted was a healthy baby boy. Mom was JUST arriving when Kristi called to tell her that was the plan - PERFECT TIMING!! Mom brought with her all 4 of Kari's children (my sister Kari and her husband, Clark were in CA). The children and Mom had already been headed this way for a very special reason!! All 4 girls: Emily, Anna, Marisa, and Mikela were performing as Munchkins and Winkies in the Broadway production of "Wizard of Oz" and their marathon practice before the show was Saturday. By Friday at 6:30 pm we had all received a new baby BOY in the family, Camden Charles Law (don't you just LOVE that name!!!) He's handsome as all get out and healthy and well, along with his mother, Kristi! The doctor felt it was a wise choice to take him by c-section, the placenta had started to decay and was no longer supporting the baby. We feel SOOOO GRATEFUL that everything worked out well and he arrived safe and beautiful. The girls had a WONDERFUL time seeing Camden on Sunday at the hospital (Mom and I treasured all those early moments ourselves) and then Tuesday had another GREAT HIGHLIGHT as they experienced Broadway upclose and personal!!! It was AMAZING! They were interviewed and covered by a couple newspapers. Experienced the QUICK and PROFESSIONAL changes that happen and look flawless as plays are adjusted for stage changes and missing props (the house wouldn't fit in our Community Arts center so the children's Munchkin scene had several last minute adjustments to make for more room on stage.) They experienced the special effects of fireworks on stage and amazing color, lights, and sounds. They had learned their 3 scenes and bows, dances and songs in two Saturday rehearsals and finished details the day of dress rehearsal! We could not believe how much they had learned and how well they exhibited their parts for so little time! The girls overheard some of the Oz characters saying "These are the best munchkins we've ever had!" We were not surprised as 4 of the 12 Munchkins were so full of love and joy it couldn't help but burst out upon the 2000 in attendance. And as Aunt Kari put it, if they wanted Munchkins who would be ready, practiced and prepared they picked the right girls - we all heard and saw "Ding, dong the witch is dead! Which old witch? the WICKED WITCH!" HUNDREDS of times around here! The girls couldn't help but break into song and dance in enthusiasm and joy at every turn!!!
What unforgettable experiences of joy and togetherness!
It came as perfect timing to celebrate in Thanksgiving Thursday after enjoying such poignant tender mercies and blessings from our loving Heavenly Father. Thanksgiving to Him always.


Anonymous said...

SO glad he's here safely! Loved seeing your blog!! :)

Mr. Radspinner said...

I have had fun reading your blog. Thank you for allowing me to read it. Have a great Christmas!!

Heather said...

I wish we were there to see the great performance! I heard it was amazing! Love you!

Stephie said...

Great blog! Like Heather said, I wish we had been there for the big performance, too! What a neat experience for the girls! We're excited to see you in a few weeks! :)

Erica said...

How fun!!!!! Give those cute girls hugs for me! :^)

Kari said...

Love remembering that!!!!! I love you!!!!