Saturday, August 8, 2009

visit to NH!

We felt so very blessed to visit "home" in NH! It was extra wonderful due to the generosity of friends who welcomed us to use their comfortable and beautiful cabin in Lyme. Our visit was all the more joyful because of visiting Sohrweide's & Katharina and the dear Village home, playing in the ponds again (how we miss that!), stomping over Crossroads trails and peeking in school windows , visiting our beloved ward family, and enjoying catching up with good friends and role models from our residency program there. It was truly such gift to be there again. We have SO MANY GOOD MEMORIES AND GOOD FRIENDS WE LOVE THERE! From the hardest part of life so far have come some of the richest and most rewarding memories and friendships ever! Thanks NH!


kobey1 said...

Always nice to have the back of my head get honorable mention while swimming. HAHAHAHAHA

Hoffman Crew said...

Kara you crack me up!