Sunday, September 20, 2009


Just before school started we had one last week of marvelous summer - the finale really! We enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg and I'd refer it as a marvelous vacation to anyone looking for an incredible place to be as a family. We spent a day at historical Williamsburg with the girls dressed for the occasion (the dress-up rental was first priority for our seven little girls, Daddy was a softy and fit the bill.) Water country, a visit with the Obama's (and other presidents) at President's Park, hitting the outlets and our funnest day spent at Busch Gardens (I didn't think any ride could top "The Great Bear" at Hershey but "Apollo's Chariot" definitely did it for me! That was AWESOME!) We LOVED the gorgeous colonial Westgate resort and we especially rejoiced in being together after a summer full of EFY, youth conference, scout camp, YW's camp, football, even Grandma CAMP! (That last camp deserves a whole blog of it's own!!! Topped any camp EVER!!!) So grateful for our last spree of summer, it helped ease the pain of it ending. LOVE, THE MOM


Hilary said...

Tooooo fun! I love the picture of the girls by the fence....I think you need to frame it and hang it in your home somewhere. Tell the daddy, a sweet picture like that is definitely worth the cost of the dress rental

Stephanie said...

I love it, Camarie! Such great pictures! And your family is so beautiful.

Mom said...

Great blog! Great pictures! That is a great picture of the girls in their early American white dresses.
You guys had a loaded summer that's for sure!
Thanks for blogging so we can see and hear all about the fun!

Love you! Mom/Grandma

Kari said...

That looks like fun!!! That picture of all the girls looking the other way is really really CUTE!!! I love you guys!!!!