Monday, September 7, 2009

Thumb's down for Isaac!


Poor Isaac. Just as we were leaving town for family vacation Isaac took down the senior quarter back successfully but with a consequence. When he looked down at his thumb dangling there he thought, "that can't be right". He calmly held his hand up, "Hey coach, I think I messed up my thumb." His diagnoses proved to be right as the hand surgeon that operated Monday said it was the worst thumb injury he'd ever worked on. Plenty of damage and dr. visits and sitting out for the football season. We all feel bad for Isaac. He loves to run, lift, play, jump, and be major involved. For 8 weeks he's got to slow down. Mom feels like she's lost her right arm as Isaac's cast and pinned thumb prevent his regular lifting, pushing, pulling, fixing, as much as usual. We've all appreciated seeing Isaac's strength in other ways as he has not complained one bit and continued on with life day of the surgery quite normally and headed to the first day of school the next morning. We're proud of the way you've handled it Isaac. Love, Mom

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