Monday, September 7, 2009

international relations right here at home...

We finally got involved in what Williamsport is known for: International Little League, though we STILL haven't seen a game (I'm embarrassed to admit). This year we offered our house as available rental for the week of Little League while we would be away in Virginia. Wednesday a film crew that had come to see the house the day before called and said they did want to use the home for their actors/actresses from Japan (they told us they were as big in Japan as our biggest American stars). They wanted the house Thursday night. Having every room and every corner, every bed, every pillow and blanket, tp, towels, water at each bedside to boot took a great burst of energy for me and Mike and my poor brother Spencer who had come to plan next year's landscaping with us! (Spencer ended up running/picking up children, distributing pets to their caretakers for the week, lifting, packing, cleaning, finishing our fence project and smooth talking the film crew who stopped by to investigate while I was gone to an appt. instead. To let you know how crazy all the comotion was he never even saw the inside of our new home! The finale to Spencer's visit with us was sleeping in small room- 1st at Kristi's then at the last hotel room available in Baltimore- 2 nights in a row. Spencer's sense of humor kept us all laughing instead of crying - THANKS SPENC!!! A special thanks to Kristi and Calton for letting us stay at their place a couple of nights upon return from vacation too! Love you guys SOOO MUCH!

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