Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zoie turns 4!!!

And I ALREADY LOVE that age on her best!! She's the epidemy of 4!! Smart, talks hilariously CUTE! SUPER HELPFUL!!! A ray of sunshine, LOVEABLE, ADORABLE, and drives you crazy if she's out of sorts. Zoie is WONDERFUL!!! I love her! And I know she loves me too - but only far after Daddy, whom she still all out loves, needs, ADORES! I cannot blame her ;). We were so lucky to celebrate with her cousin Maylee and Grandpa and Grandma C. before they headed for home!!! Zoie also loved her little gift from Mrs. Cwockett, with whom she has a darling friendship. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOIE!!!


Heather said...

I'm crying as I sit and look at all your fun pictures! We miss you all so much, like always, wish we could have been there!

Mom said...

Sweet, fun, happy, helpful Zoie!
We love you! Seems such a short time ago you were the baby when you all moved to Williamsport!
Always so fun to be with everyone!
You treat us all so well CaMarie!
Thankyou for sharing the great posts as well!