Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun with Marisa and Puppy!

This week with Marisa has been so much fun! From going to the mall to riding the horses-we've had a blast!

We didn't catch any pictures of the mall, but we got lots at the barn. Marisa was a natural and she was very good at riding! Belle is still very pokey and will only go if someone is leading her- but with Marisa that was different. She got Belle up and moving within 5 seconds after she got on!

We gave Esther and Zoie the chance to ride Belle and they both rode her without anyone leading the horse or holding on to them. They were both very happy to be able to do that. Everyone had so much fun-including mom and dad- who jumped on the horses at the end and rode for a little bit. Serendipity is a BEAUTIFUL little baby and we can tell that she will be an excellent girl when she gets older- as she is right now. After the week with Marisa was over, we drove a 5-hour drive down to Washington, D.C. to pick-up Isaac from his national leadership conference. He'll have to write about that later. We were all so tired from driving that we decided to stop at a water park and get all our energy out. Then we drove 2 hours down to the Maxwells to switch Marisa back for Mikela and Kate. We got up the next morning and drove the 3-hour drive back home- so glad to finally settle down again after all those trips! Today we decided to have a little fun and dress Missy up-she was actually a very cute, furry baby!


Erica said...

Sounds like so much fun! I love all your pictures! And I LOVE DC! :^) This time of year isn't my favorite, but hey. :^) Miss you guys!!!!

Rebecca said...

Woah, you guys have been doing A LOT of driving lately! But it sounds like so much fun! The vacation never ends for you all :)

We wish to be out there with you all soon (LIVING out there). Keep it in your thoughts and I'm sure it'll happen soon :)

Heather said...

What a fun time with Marisa! I know you guys love to be together!