Monday, December 21, 2009

FHE delayed!

Oh, the trouble one gets into as the Holiday rush reaches an impossible pace. Including school work and holiday events Emily and Anna have taken the heat of the exhaustion. At thirteen, really tired and then really hungry as dinner was delayed because I was stuck at the store in holiday lines, is a threatening combination. Things exploded JUST before we said the blessing on the food, an hour or two late. Short tempers and pouty faces made Mom send the tired twins out. Neither of them had eaten. After waiting approximately twenty minutes with neither girl returning Mom and Dad had mercy and brought them their food. Tired tears and "sorry" all around made things a little better. Regretting we had delayed the most important event of the season, FHE, Daddy shared with them (just the 2 of them in their own private 1/2 family home evening upstairs in their rooms) the message he had planned for this evening. I thought it was so very worth sharing. He said, "Has anybody asked you if you are ready for Christmas? Many people asked me that today and this week. What is it to be ready for Christmas? Many things, of course, in order to fully celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrating Christ. Perhaps it would be more appropriate for us in this time of rushed present buying to consider, "Am I ready for Christ?" I, CaMarie, thought it was worthwhile consideration. Especially on a night that we'd lost perspective of what is most important - delayed our family and love and remembering Him too long! Have the MERRIEST CHRISTMAS - it's ALMOST HERE!

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Marisa said...

Wow! That is a beautiful post. We will always TRY to be ready of Christ! I love you guys! You guys are the greatest family!