Sunday, January 3, 2010


Did I ever tell you that Christmas eve is my FAVORITE night of the year?!!! Ever since I was a child there is no other night quite as wonderful! And this one held fast to that tradition. Could there be more joy than that of gathering with family in a warm, beautiful home, lit with candles and lights of the season, to worship and wonder at the Savior's birth? We did what we always do, ate a wonderful dinner, gathered in the 'formal' room (the one with the piano in it), opened with a prayer, SANG carols, enjoyed the talents of each family member - everything from singing "Picture a Christmas" to whistling (hilariously) Joy to the World with a Nintendo gig at the end, to harp playing, to story telling. The reading of Luke 2 (this year the dog came in dressed as a cow and took center stage staring down ever so still and closely and reverently at baby Camden lying on the floor, we couldn't believe how funny it looked!) Mom C. always includes a beautiful gift that relates to the message of the evening and this year's was more beautiful than ever, hand painted and created blocks spelling out FAMILY in whimsical and wonderful ways. The children at the close of such a night throw on PJ's (this year provided by Grandma!) and ecstatically choose one gift from under the tree - usually given by siblings - this year the children missed that part and pictures because they were so worried Santa was coming NOW! Oh the anticipation, the joy, the wonder, the LOVE!

The Christmas eve tradition started when I was a small child and we gathered with my grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins (we always celebrated Aunt Loraine's b-day!) Mom continued on more lovely than ever as the extended family night date was moved earlier often, and now it is my turn these past couple of years to implement and preserve such a precious night. The warmth in my heart for this years Christmas eve was as bright and joyful and cozy as my very first memory of Christmas in Canada crowded with cousins and stockings on the staircase of Grandma's home. Thank Heaven for tradition, the tradition of Christmas, Christ, and Christmas eve.


Grandma said...

What a bunch of beautiful entries!
What beautiful memories and how beautifully written.

An absolutely Wonderful Happy Family!
Thank you for letting us come and enjoy all of the special memories with your family!

You made our Christmas--so fun to
share in all the great times and memories and enjoy the happy, excited spirits on Christmas Day! I know a time will come when we'll be all alone and I'll hold onto those busy, joyful times.

We love you all so much!, Mom

Heather said...

We really missed you all this year, but I too absolutely LOVE the feeling of Christmas Eve! Not too many things can top that! Love you guys!