Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cape May Escape!

A new recommendation for all of you!

Thanks to my friends Laurie&Linda who referred a fabulous get away, we decided to snatch up the 1 day we had left for spring break (snow days took the rest) and head to The Shore. No matter that it was still cold and rainy April. Adding our Saturday, it gave us 2 days at a little house near the beach. (We found it on Vacation Rentals by Owner - Who knew that such a little tiny vacation could be such GREAT BIG FUN???

Beginning with our stop at Kentucky Fried (so we wouldn't have to mess up the clean kitchen again!) and the Cape May cheer (arms above the heads! - who came up with that anyway?), we were set for good things to come!!

With cheerful spirits we could not be detained from having fun, despite the 2 hours or more delay in bad traffic! We decided to make the most of sitting unexpectedly on the freeway and exited for dinner. Lucky for us, a favorite of my sister's, Texas Roadhouse was right there. A first experience there for us we enjoyed everything from the peanut shells on the floor to the balloon tying and rodeo wrestling (OK, Clara conquered this saddle anyway), we loved our feast and left full to the brim (as you can see by my sister, Kristi and Isaac's bellies!)

We were thrilled with our little beach house and with our COUSINS being there!!! (My 2 sisters and families joined us - HURRAY!!!)

Cold could not stop us from running on the beach next morning, and playing on the huge rocks at the shore. With a light house in the distance and waves crashing we found it fabulous, forgetting the freezing!

Got even better when Dad drove up on a bike for 6!!! The darling roof and little bell ringing drew happy laughter from all of us and we jumped on and peddled our way around the quaint and quiet streets of Cape May!!!

The big girls (including Moms) and one big boy, Isaac, (hee hee! we are glad he didn't get scared away!) stole away to a street full of fun shops all with things unique and interesting to us.

A movie party that night complete with treats and a talk til 2 am with my son, Isaac, made it feel like real vacation for me!

Next morning we were off to the Cape May zoo. What a delightful day! Overcast weather was perfect for running all over a zoo without running out of energy!

When we returned to the house we couldn't resist the sunshine that had spread out on our beautiful weekend (despite forecasts of storms). We all headed for the beach, swimsuits on and, despite looking oddly happy running to the water as compared with the jacketed beach walkers all around us, we jumped in, freezing water and all!!!

You'd have thought it was 90 degrees to watch us. Perhaps we made a fellow beach sitters feel warmer in their heart at least by watching the sheer enthusiasm of 12 little kids and a very bold Dad splashing in the water!

Determined to do as much beach time as we could we delayed packing up. Aunt Kari couldn't get over laughing at the scene back at the beach house when we all returned and packed a household of 20 in 45 min. flat to fly north once again!

Wow. That was WORTH IT!!!



Steph said...

What an awesome vacation! Spence and I would love to check that out someday! You guys were brave to get in the freezing water, but the kids look like they had a blast! Love all the fun pics!

Becky said...

That looks like SO much fun! We wish we were there!!! Next time!! ♥

Mom said...

How fun! I had fun thinking about all you guys playing together that whole weekend! I didn't miss the freezing part or the LOOONNNGG drive to get there either for the short time. Such great pictures and thank you for sharing all the events with us! Love you guys! Mom

mikela c said...