Thursday, August 25, 2011

The new car...

...has been SO MUCH FUN to drive!! Tired of smushing 6 kids plus himself into his little Mazda on school mornings (or the other option: taking the huge Excursion and having me need it by afternoon for all the pick-ups and drop-offs and excursions of the evening) Mike decided (especially after an especially strange look from the neighbor as he watched what seemed endless amounts of children load out of the tiny Mazda at the barn for morning feeding) it was time for a new car. What to buy, what to buy... a minivan? a crossover? a Honda Pilot?! (like he's always wanted!).

No, none of the above. Mike got instead what I have always wanted, a cream colored Escalade. Of course, being the smart man that he is he hunted far and wide for the best deal on such a vehicle and we both settled very happily (maybe me happiest of all) into a very well kept, gently used, older, lower miles, extremely comfy and smooth driving, eight seater Escalade. aaahhhh, nice.

The neatest part, of course, is not the car, but the constantly kind, unselfish husband. (He does look good in it though, does he not? ;)

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