Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kate's Day at the Vet

Katey's dream come true! A day in the animal world. A little girl with a big love for dogs, Kate knew just what SHE wanted to do on 'career day' (a day when local schools cooperate with local companies to let kids go to work).

Dad was ready, "Katey, you comin to work with me?" (As all the big kids had done.)

"We-e-ll" she responds in her ideas-rollin' kind of voice, "I was kinda hopin' to go to work with Brother Knoebel?"

"WHAT?!" Dad feigned shock "You don't want to go to work with me?!"

Dad did indeed wish to have Katey come to work with him, but knew, as well as she did, her heart. Off to the animal clinic she went a couple weeks and forms later with our Dear Dr. Knoebel and all the dogs they could see that day! ;)

"Every dog (and GIRL for that matter) has it's day!"

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