Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trying to save somebunny...

Missy brought us a bunny. A very, tiny, baby one, not even a week old we estimated. But we had to try. We read up on baby bunnies, got a bottle, goats milk and such, enjoyed little bunny for a few days but found the forecast to be true. As we had read online and heard and studied, we learned baby bunnies just cannot live without a Mommy. She is the only one, this early in life, that can give them what they need.

Sadly, our poor bunny passed away despite our tender, careful care. But she did leave an important lesson behind. Everybunny needs a Mommy.

Little ones only get what they need to survive and thrive from Mom those first few years. I would be the first to attest to that after studying child and human development and observing many different preschool and daycare settings. Nobody loves or cares for your baby like you do. Nobody can nurture or offer the security, consistency, LOVE, learning, happiness, and joy to your child that you can. Most especially day cares. Too many children for too few under-qualified and even under-experienced caregivers. A combination that creates suffering. The worst was witnessing how the children said they missed their mothers (most often and sometimes dads), how often they cried they wanted to go home, or wished the day was over - no way to spend childhood - in longing for love from their parents. So mothers remember - it is so easy to forget - to survive this life and to thrive, every child NEEDS their Mom, most especially early on.

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