Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dancing Doll

I must admit one of the most darling things to witness as a Mom is a little girls love of dance! It seems the fountain of love, laughter, joy, and movement well right up in them and the desire to dance erupts! Zoie Grace wanted to DANCE!

She'd been asking for a while. And quite opposite from my oldest girls, who were enrolled at age 3 just for fun (by a Mom full of zest and a little more time), Gracie had to keep asking and asking and asking. Finally, Mom bravely took on one more 'class'.

This only got the ball rolling - Katey wanted to dance and Esther Bethie too. Soon I was at the dance studio every Monday afternoon for a couple of hours and Wednesday too. And Zoie danced! And Katey.. and Esther... and, I must admit, my heart too!

Could anything be quite as cute as Zoie's still-baby-looking body with a teeny bit of pigeon toe doing leaps through the air? Could anything be quite as breathtaking as Esther's surprised grace, her body just that much older and stronger and leaner than her sisters, as she posed a beautiful pirouette? And no achievement could be quite as exciting to Katey as she conquered her first back-bend and practiced cart- wheels to perfection!

So I loved the show and brought Emily and Anna along to see the 'pre-recital' performance on the last day of dance class (no recital for us, they are always on Sunday here) to celebrate the girls growth. Can't you see Emily's dancing smile?!

"JUST DANCE!!!! I hope you DANCE!!!!"

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