Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seminary Graduation!!!

Wow, what a TREMENDOUS year of JOY and LEARNING!!!! It has been REMARKABLE!!! Here are some pics of graduation night. We had 15 enrolled in early morning seminary for our class this year, 11 met the requirement of 80% attendance or better to get their certificate from the Church Education System for studying The Doctrine and Covenants book of scripture. I am SO PROUD of these beautiful youth!!! 6 am every school day at our house. What an extraordinary team we had this year with Sister Leggeiri coming from the East to teach Tuesdays and Brother Hill driving daily and picking up anyone who needed a ride along the way!!! And I am so proud of my husband and me too - we did it! - our first year of early morning seminary! Breakfasts and lessons ready to go each day!! We had SO MANY rich blessings come our way!

(As a post note in august I can tell you we have only two that graduated from their four years last year and 7 new ones coming - at least!!! We are SO EXCITED!!!!! Old Testament here we come!!!)

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