Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jems for our Jewel!!

So funny to think back that I really kept considering the name Jewel or Jewelia in the back of my mind for our Esther. I realize now, as she is our number one Rockhound, who LOVES a ROCK and hunts for minerals, jems, and jewels wherever she goes, that there was a hint of inspiration there!

For my exquisite Jewel, Esther Elizabeth, on her 7th birthday, we provided plenty of sparkling jems for the party! Friends and beads for friends to string into their own ravishing necklaces set the stage some rockin' fun! Thanks to my dear friend Leslie, the one pictured with the gorgeous green necklace she made herself around her neck, these little girls had professional guidance in creating their own jewelry.

Leslie had taken Esther and I out earlier for a special 'jewel-collecting trip' on which Esther picked out the beads for this activity. Esther felt like a million bucks as she left the store with just the rocks she'd wanted! A lot of fun to make necklaces, eat cake with rock candy on it and hunt real, live minerals in the yard.

Happy ROCKIN' BDAY, Est!!!

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