Thursday, August 25, 2011

Suessical the Musical! Cast Party our house!

I was super impressed, I must admit, when my 4 oldest children, by their own motivation and without help of a single adult, (Dad was out of town & I busy with other things) cleaned the whole basement from it's winter collecting, which included setting up 2 separate family room areas with TV and WII, along with a stage complete with dressing room, lights, and mic; put the trampoline after winter storage; put up the zip line that we hadn't taken out of the box for a year; and made sure the rest the house was straight. Wow! With that much work done the cast is welcome any time!

Greatest part is that all the work was worth it! What a Party!!! What FFFUUUUNNNN!!!! Compliments to the cast! They were SUPERB!!! Not only on stage but as guests afterwards! Way to SHINE!!!

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