Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ode to my Brothers!

First, Happy, HAPPIEST birthday to my brother, Clark!!!! We adore him. He's always making the children happy with his entertaining antics. Since I was a child he's brought laughter to our family. He's a genius! He's handsome and loving and kind and supportive. He's shared his talent with our family along with many others and blessed us exceedingly for it. THANK YOU, CLARK! And HAPPIEST YEAR!

Next, CONGRATULATIONS SPENCER!!!! Spencer was just accepted (with scholarship funds and all!) into the chaplain program at BYU. It's been a wonder to watch he and Steph act in patience and faith as they've continued and prepared for this path. Remember, Spenc and Steph: "All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare." You ARE doing something excellent. Great work.

Last of all, THANK YOU TO BOTH!!!! These men bring love to my heart and joy to our whole family! Clark and Becky just visited for the Christmas season and made it so MUCH RICHER!!! And Spencer and Stephanie just told us they ARE coming to be with us this spring! (Spence will spend the 6 weeks with us toiling 'by the sweat of his brow' to put in gardens for us while we EAT UP EVERY MINUTE OF FUN AND JOY we can with our precious nieces and beloved aunt and uncle!

I am SO BLESSED to have each of these, completely different from one another but BOTH: remarkable, wonderful, fantastic, loving, hard working, gifted, excellent brothers of mine!


Steph said...

what da heck! Well, you pretty much gave up the last farthing of manhood you had left. Too bad. I'm going to miss my brother-in-law. Oh well, at least I'm getting a new sister-in-law. Welcome to the family!

Love, Spence

Steph said...

Oops! Spence meant to leave this comment on the "Pretty in Pink" post!

Mom said...

What a lovely tribute to your brothers CaMarie.

You said it all so well, they are both just great guys! I'll admitt that they are truly 'different brothers from the same Mother' and I love them both so much!

They both contribute such individuality to this family! We would miss so much with out either one of them. Mom