Friday, February 19, 2010

Pretty in Pink!


We NEVER thought we'd see Dad in PINK! Dr. "You break bone, me fix it!" went posh! Thanks to Mom C. for breaking him out of his comfort zone and into black - I'll have to get a picture of that up! (All the sweet old women in Mike's clinic kept telling him how good he looked!) Next Pres. Leggeiri gave Pres. Hoffman a pink tie for Christmas in support of the fight against cancer. Mike wore the handsome tie proudly never thinking for a moment it was just preparation for his big debut in pink. For the office gift swap Brandee fitted Mike right up with, of all things, a pink shirt! Lookin' good Dr. Hoffman. At least three year old Zoie thought Daddy looked good enough to match her pink princess night gown!

Truly we don't know how much wear the pink shirt will get, but thought we'd catch it on film while Mike was lookin' so good ;)!


Heather said...

Lookin' good Mike! It's about time you start wearing a little pink with all that there is in your house!

Kristi said...

VERY NICE!!!!! Lovin' it!

Clark said...

That'sssss Pretty Michael Vossssss! :)